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Writing essays and research papers has proved to be a daunting task to virtually everyone. A research paper is an advanced type of essay. However, they both take a similar writing structure and style although they have some variations. Essays and research papers are used in colleges and corporations for different purposes. They are used in colleges by students to write academic papers. College students are more often than not required to write essays on different subjects. They are also used to assist business corporations, and government agencies to carry out their activities.

Basic structure.

Introduction part of an essay and research paper

Essays contain a topic which is usually decided for the writer. In some cases, the writer is required to choose his or her own essay topic. Writers are advised to select something they have an interest in to make their essay writing easy. Research papers usually have research titles. They may also be predetermined, or the writer may be requested to come up with his or her own title. Both essays and research papers usually have introduction part which is the first part of the paper. This is meant to introduce the topic or title of the paper. It gives an overview of what the paper contains. Introduction part of research paper is usually divided into different sections unlike that of the essay. A good introduction is written after writing the body and conclusion of the paper. This enables the writer to know what was actually written in the paper.

Body part of an essay and research paper

Introduction is followed by the body part of the paper. The body of an essay varies from that of a research paper. An essay is usually divided into paragraphs. These paragraphs discuss the ideas of the writer that relate to the essay topic. They may also have subtopics to further explain the idea being discussed. However, the body part of a research paper is divided into subsections. They include a literature review, Methodology, data analysis and research findings.

Conclusions part of an essay and research paper.

Essays and research papers must contain conclusion remarks. Conclusion part contains a summery of what was discussed in the paper. Writers are highly advised to provide their personal opinions and recommendations. Essays and research papers writing companies employ the services of professionals. These professional writers are qualified to write high quality papers which contain relevant opinions and recommendations.

Uses of essays and research papers.

Academic essays and research papers are used to assess whether students are able to apply what they have learned in class. An essay is used to evaluate students’ writing skills. Research papers provide useful information that can be used to improve a given phenomenon.

Academic research papers provide academic knowledge to scholars. An essay is used in marketing presentations to showcase company products to buyers. Health related research papers are used to provide crucial information on health related issues. Behavioral research provides information of behaviors of people.


Essays and research papers are written for different purposes. How to write an essay is different from how to write a research paper. However, they both take a relatively similar structure with some variations. Writing an essay and even a research paper consumes a lot of time. It requires patience, knowledge and skills to write a high quality essay and research paper. However, professional writers are capable of writing high scoring papers within a very short time. There are several companies offering paper writing services at affordable prices. They employ professional writers and guarantee excellent papers to their clients.

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