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Those thinking about working in one of the many pharmacy technician jobs are considering a good career. Those who take a job of this nature usually work for a licensed pharmacist and handle prescriptions, prepare creams, measure liquids and place medications in their proper containers. More than 70% of such technicians work in retail settings including large drugstores and department stores. Job options include mail order pharmacy technician jobs and hospital based pharmacy technician jobs. Experience is not always necessary as many entry level pharmacy technician jobs provide on the job training. However, to advance in this field, it will be necessary to gain education from an established and certified college. A technician in this field usually makes a salary of $34,000 a year.

Entry Level Technician Employment

Some people wanting one of the entry level pharmacy technician jobs work in a retail setting, although some people get internships at hospitals. A person getting his or her first job in this field may want to look for job openings at a local pharmacy or other retail outlet. After gaining retail experience, some people advance to private hospitals or long term healthcare facilities. According to online sources, an entry level position in a retail pharmacy pays $10 an hour. Working in a retail pharmacy can be a difficult job because a person must be on their feet most of the time and have great communication ability.

The Specifics of Getting a Job as a Trainee

Those who want to get a job as a pharmacy technician trainee might be able to get on-the-job training, but such positions are not typical. Usually pharmacists prefer those who have received training from an accredited source or school. They also prefer those who have passed the National Certification Exam. A trainee usually must work in a team environment and follow directions well. Those with volunteer experience in the medical profession have a high probability of receiving work. Those who have worked as a pharmacy aide have an even better chance. It also helps for a person to have good reading, writing and math skills. A trainee will be an individual who is able to appropriately sort out medicine in the right dosages. He will also correctly label the bottles as well.

How To Obtain An Internship

Getting an internship is different from working as a trainee. To obtain a job in a hospital, a person should contact the pharmacy and speak to the person in charge of internships. Ask local pharmacies in retail stores about their programs, if you want to work there. It is important to figure out how many hours of consistent work will be required for the internship. If there is not an established number, experts say to volunteer for at least 80 at a hospital. Dress professionally when you talk with the person in charge. Even though most hospitals do not pay their interns, some institutions eventually hire them to fill their open technician positions. This leaves the door open for further employment opportunities.

Retail Locations

People who are employed by retail chains usually get prescriptions by telephone or doctor's emails. They also receive them as customers hand them in. They are to retrieve the medication and complete the prescriptions. They must enter all data, price containers, print labels, and inform customers about the prescriptions. Retail store technicians may also be called on to handle the medicine inventory. They will have a lot of contact with a wide group of people.

Mail Order Pharmacy Tech Jobs

People who work through mail order complete prescriptions that have been placed over the internet or through the mail. Some medications have to be constantly filled again especially those with chronic illnesses, including high cholesterol or high blood pressure. These customers will receive a discount for the mass order. This line of work does not involve a lot of personal contact with those who need medicine and in most cases one refills the same prescription on a regular basis. However, they still have to confirm the patients' prescriptions with their doctors.


Certain technicians specialize in filling chemotherapy prescriptions. This job involves working under a nuclear pharmacist.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

These types of technicians complete prescriptions and take them to nurses or residents of nursing homes.

The Career Field

People who select to work in this profession have many choices for employment once they are properly trained. They have to work hard and hone their skills in order to get a substantial compensation and better benefits Even though it may take some time to think about the different pharmacy technician jobs that are available, it is smart to learn all about the various positions to make the best informed decision as to the path that should be chosen according to individual interest. This is a good profession for anyone who enjoys serving people and working in the medical industry, but does not want to spend years in schooling to be able to work in the field.

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