What is Alkaline Water?

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  • Published December 19, 2012
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In today's fast moving world, it is no exaggeration to say that a significant percentage of people complain that they do not have enough time to get the best food for their health. But on the contrary according to what the nutritionists and other related professionals say people can make their intake healthier without spending as much time as they complain. Without going further let's just take water for an example. How many of us have heard of the "healthier" kind of water called "alkaline water"? No doubt it might be the first time for most of you.

Even though alkaline water is a relatively novel concept in the western world it has been in used in Asia for years. Alkaline water is actually water which is made less acidic with the use of an ionizer. Drinking water generally is biased towards the acids in a pH scale. Or in layman's terms it is slightly acidic in nature, except for the case of distilled water. Those of you who are involved in health care industry know that blood is an alkaline solution with an approximate pH value of 7-7.5. But the waste like lactic acid and carbonic acid produced by the body tend to add acidity to body fluids. Bad eating habits and other bad practices might intensify the acidity. The acidity lasting for longer durations is harmful for body tissues. This condition might even increase the probability of a disease like diabetes or acid reflux. Taking all these into consideration drinking more acidic water seems not to be the best practice in terms of good health. It makes it harder for the body to keep the chemical equilibrium intact.

Now that we know the theory behind calling alkaline water the healthy kind of water it is better to take a look at other health benefits it delivers. The antioxidant properties that alkaline water claim to possess can be considered as substance that delays aging. But still there are conflicting views on this matter. Results of the researches being carried out might solve these contradictions. But still it is said that people who consume alkaline water have younger looking skin. Fat cells are capable of protecting the body cells from the acidic surrounding. This is not a widely known feature of the fat cells hated by most. When we make the environment of the body cells less acidic the need of fat cells for protection diminishes, which finally leads to a slimmer body. Another claim that is yet to be proven is the relationship between the immune system and alkaline water consumption. Experiments involving animals lead to the conclusion that it has a positive impact towards strengthening the immunity.

Even though, some of the claims are still not backed up with empirical evidence, the basic function of alkaline water in supporting the chemical equilibrium of the blood stream, is obvious. It might be hard to find alkaline water at the moment. But after a few minutes search on the internet it will not be hard to find an ionizer that produces it.

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