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There are several reasons you might need to hire a diesel generator. Perhaps you need a temporary power source for an outdoor event or you live in an area where power supply is intermittent. Whatever your needs, a generator can be a lifeline.

However, it’s important to act safely when you have a generator on the property. Not sure what that involves? Read on for some vital safety tips for diesel generators.

Instructions and storage

It seems obvious, but it’s crucial to read the instruction manual before using your generator. If you’re hiring a generator, your rental company should be able to provide you with detailed instructions on usage. Reading the instructions may take some time and be very monotonous, but it will help acquaint you with the basic safety procedures of running a generator, as well as combatting some misconceptions.

For example, many people believe that a generator can be connected to a property’s power grid. In reality, this can be very dangerous and cause fatal power overloads. What’s more, generators cannot be kept indoors. This is because they emit carbon monoxide fumes, which can be deadly. Instead, generators should be kept outdoors where fumes can escape, but should also have a roof-like cover to protect it from wet weather.

It’s also ideal for generators to be attended, so that any potential problems can be dealt with quickly. This doesn’t mean that someone has to remain right next to a generator at all times, but rather it should be regularly checked on. Pets, children and any other vulnerable persons should be kept away from generators, and anyone smoking a cigarette or cigar should also stay well away.

Refuelling diesel generators

At a large function, like a wedding or a party, it’s worth ensuring that someone sober and responsible is always on hand to refuel a generator if it starts running low. If you’re tasked with refuelling a diesel generator, bear in mind that it’s likely to be very hot, especially if it’s been running for several hours. Additionally, ensure that the generator is off before refuelling and re-read the instruction manual if you’re unsure.

If you’ve hired a generator from a diesel generator rental company, they may also be able to provide you with regular maintenance as part of your fee. If it’s a one-off hire for an event, you may also be able to employ an attendant to refuel your generator and ensure that it runs properly and safely for the duration of your party. It might seem like an extra expense, but it’s generally much safer to have someone knowledgeable dealing with your generator than to maintain it yourself.

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