Brazilians Living in Britain Boost Confidence in Minha Casa Minha Vida Investments

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  • Published November 13, 2012
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Investors in the popular Minha Casa Minha Vida Social housing programme have reported feeling more confident in the programme after discussing the product with some of the many thousand Brazilian living here in the United Kingdom, Brazilian's are proud people and even prouder of the government programme that will put an end to the housing deficit in Brazil

Brazilians and their descendants form the largest Latin American group of people in the United Kingdom. For many years there has of course been a community from the South American giant in England, Scotland and Wales but in the last few decades it has expanded very rapidly.

Estimates of total numbers vary widely but it is generally thought that the official statistics greatly under-estimate the figures. Reasons for this are many and are very controversial. The opinion is widely held that a large number of people simply 'stay over' when their permissions to be in Britain expire. On the other hand, some of them do get such legal extensions or 'long-term residences' in the first place. There seems to be a consensus emerging, though, that there are about 200,000 Brazilians (legal or otherwise) in the UK in 2012.

Most of the earlier immigrants were students or former students who remained after their courses, either legally or otherwise. It's true to some extent that the relatively large numbers from the nineteen-seventies onwards were able to come for one particular reason. It was because travel at last became practical and affordable for people other than the rich for the very first time.

Brazilians in the UK came to widespread public notice in 2005. This was due to the tragic death of Jean Charles de Menezes from Brazil, a resident and worker in Tulse Hill, London. Mr. de Menezes was mistakenly identified by armed plainclothes police as a terrorist on the run following the second attempted wave of July bombings in London that year. The chased him into Stockwell Station and shot him dead, thinking he was Osman Hussein, an instigator of the failed second wave.

Nowadays well over half of all Brazilians in Britain live in Greater London, many of them in the borough of Brent (estimated between twenty and thirty thousand there), Bayswater (often called by its nickname 'Brazilwater') and the Stockwell area where they live beside a large number of Portuguese people. Outside London, there are reckoned to be many Brazilians in other locations. These include Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Norfolk and Brighton. Throughout the UK many Brazilians seem to be working at lowly 'blue-collar' jobs, in many cases well below the level of education and/or qualification they hold. This is probably due to visa restrictions plus lack of fluency in English. The statistics from the Institute for Public Policy Research seem to show that about 32% are involved in cleaning and associated work plus another 26% in Hotel and Catering jobs. Courier occupations account for another ten per cent and so does the construction industry.

Over the last twenty years or so a number of business and services have been specifically set up, especially in London, to cater for the Brazilian community. They include opportunities for both long term investment and of course short term investment from Brazil itself and more locally from the UK. These comprise numerous cafes and restaurants, media outlets, counselling and legal services and of course media of print, broadcast and/or online kinds. Particularly interesting is the paper and cyber news outlet and Rede Record a TV outlet to be found on Sky channel 801. There are an enormous number of musical and sporting activities, too. All these add to the vibrant and growing mix that is 'Brazil in Britain' today.

This close to home Brazilian culture for some reason gives the people and businesses of the United Kingdom a boost of confidence in the Country, it's people and it's economy which is evident in the amount of interest that Brazilian focused investment seminers get from the British public and Businesses. Last year property investment seminars such as those promoting the popular minha casa minha vida affordable housing programme were sell out events.

The Award Winning EcoHouse Group have bases in North East Brazil, the United Kingdom, Noth America the Middle East and Singapore, and are currently buildin quality Affordable Minha Casa Minha Vida Homes and by doing this are allowing ordinary people the chance to Safely Invest In Brazil through a secure government backed product

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