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  • Published February 20, 2013
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Stories have been told of how people go on a diet of grapefruits and lose over 20 kilograms. As amazing as these stories sound, there is also a less publicized way of living healthy. By understanding the nutritional benefits and amount of calories in blueberries, it is easy to understand why they make a magic diet.

Depending on how the fruit is packed the calorie count may differ even if all of it is still blueberry. When fresh, one cup of this fruit will read 80 on the calorie counter, thus offering a very healthy way to enjoy that snack. When canned, cup of blueberry syrup will range between 200 and 230 on the calorie scale. This means that when canned, the concentration goes up and this is worth noting.

The first thing to note about this fruit is that it contains a good amount on antioxidants. These help protect the body from toxins and ensure that no infections arise from these invaders. Of course a healthy body comes when the lifestyle conforms to the desired results. Since keeping healthy improves the ability of one to shed off those extra pounds, it follows that this fruit accelerates the ability to lose weight.

One amazing fact about this fruit is its content that includes antioxidant properties. These antioxidants include thocyanine and phonolics that are useful in getting rid of any toxins in the body. As such, the antioxidants help in fighting fat in the long run. This fruit also has a substance known as anthocyanine that actually gives it the dark blue color. This substance is essential in the antioxidant capabilities of the fruit as well as its ability to reduce inflammation.

An important point to note is that even the lowest calorie food is only good when it is in its natural state. The moment preservatives or other ingredients are added or processing takes place, scales change altogether. Labels on processed foods can be tricky and should not be trusted to indicate just how much of the calorie punch the food packs. Natural is always best and most trustworthy.

Osteoarthritis comes with quite an amount of pain associated. Consumption of this wonder fruit helps relieve the pain that osteoarthritis causes. This fruit also contains properties that help reduce inflammation and pain commonly associated with arthritis.

When packaging these fruits, the first step is to separate the damaged fruits and all those that have mold. Since these fruits also tend to stain when stored in metal containers, it is always better to store them in plastic holders instead. They should be washed through a strainer and dried before storage. If they are to be consumed at a later date, they should be refrigerated.

Whenever food rich in fiber is consumed, a feeling of satisfaction is reached sooner and lasts longer, thus reducing the need to eat more, while ensuring that whatever has been consumed adds only the required amounts of nutrients. The blueberry can provide a better feeling of satisfaction than even bread. These factors combined with the fact that the amount of calories in blueberries is low contribute greatly to making this a wonder fruit.

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