Why Spray Pond Shield Epoxy?


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  • Published March 3, 2013
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You have done an admirable job. You have spent the time, money, frustration and tolerance to make for yourself a delightful landscaping for your house, which will enhance its value substantially. With regards to applying pond shield epoxy in your pond, spraying is way better alternative than using rollers or brushes.

Two things are essential for spraying pond shield epoxy in your pond, a specific sprayer and an assistant who will help you during the spraying job. The epoxy is too thick and thus a regular paint sprayer cannot do the job of spraying pond shield epoxy correctly. This specific sprayer will be expensive and you need to purchase it only when you think that you will be needing it a number of times in the future. If you want to do only one project with this sprayer, then it is wise to rent it. Experts say that in order to spray the area of the pond should be big enough that it requires at least eight quart kits of epoxy if applied with brushes or rollers. Spraying an area under that is not a cost efficient option. You must also carefully read the manufacturer's instructions to estimate how much epoxy would the pond require because the sprayer itself will use up some of the epoxy.

Keep in mind the Different Types of Sprayers Available for Rent

Before purchasing or renting a sprayer, the most important thing that you need to consider is the psi strength of the sprayer. What you need is a sprayer with a minimum 3,000 psi. The higher the rating the better the spray job will be. In any case, you shouldn't buy a sprayer with a rating under this. Along the same lines, be mindful that the tip of the end of the sprayer has a large enough opening, to enable you to cover as large an area as possible with each swath of spray. This caveat also applies to the size of the hose you attach the sprayer to. The hose you select needs to have an inside diameter of approximately one half inch.

When it comes to assistant mentioned earlier, this individual is necessary to the efficiency of the spray job. The helper needs to be experienced in preparing pond shield epoxy so that your sprayer does not run out of epoxy before you complete the job. You can't stop before completing the project as pond shield epoxy dries up very quickly. As epoxy dries up rapidly, if you stop before finishing the job, it will dry up in the sprayer and it will be a pain to clean the sprayer.

The three very important things that you need to complete a good spraying job are, a helper, the appropriate amount of pond shield epoxy and the right type of sprayer. When done, you will see that the you saved lots of time. Time is money and the cost of the labor you used on the project will equal to considerable savings. If you are not sure about this, ask an expert what he would charge for the job and you will become a believer.

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