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  • Published April 5, 2013
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In the international sea freight, you would find that there are many different operating modes of

international ships, which include liner transport, shipping by chartering, voyage charter, single voyage charter, and round trip charter, trip charter on time basis, consecutive trip charter, time charter, and bare boat charter and so on. When you are going to arrange sea shipping from China to Canada, you can choose one of the operating modes on the basis of your shipping needs.

According to some surveys, most people would choose liner transport or shipping by chartering for their ocean freight from China to Canada. As we know, liner transport allows you to ship cargo with fixed shipping route, fixed port and fixed shipping date. Thus you can rest assure to arrange different types of shipment by liner transport. The conditions of shipping by chartering will be on the contrary. Without predetermined sailing schedule, scheduled route, and scheduled port, the ship will complete the whole transport service from China to Canada on the basis of the stipulated terms which are contracted by charterer and ship owner.

Normally, most people would choose this mode of shipping for the transport of bulk cargo. There are three important parties in the chartering, which include ship owner, charterer, and the ship broker. To promote the international chartering, they will cooperate with each other. Generally, most block trading is proceeded by the ship broker. Being familiar with the charter market, they can help you handle the charter business well. Hence, you can ask the ship broker to help you handle the shipping if you have no idea on it.

Besides, when you decide to ship from China to Canada by chartering, you should know that the bill of lading in the chartering is not an independent document. The bill of lading offered by the ship owner

is short form bill of lading, which indicates "ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS PER CHARTER PARTY" or


As we know, there are two main types of chartering, including voyage charter and time charter. For

voyage charter, you can manage one or more voyage transportation of designated goods in the appointed

port. For time charter, you can arrange the freight in the period of charter on the basis of the

carrying capacity of ships. Since chartering shipping has formed an important part in the transport

from China to Canada, it is necessary to learn the main terms of voyage charter party and time charter party.

The voyage charter party mainly includes the contracting parties, the name of ship, the goods, port of loading, lay days and cancelling date, freight, the division of loading and unloading charge, lay time, lay days, demurrage and dispatch money. The time charter party includes description of the ship, charter period, and delivery of vessel, hire, offer hire, suspension of hire or on hire, redelivery of vessel, and sublet.

From the above information, we realize that chartering has played an important part in the international sea freight. When shipping by chartering, you should know the important parties, main

types of chartering, and the terms of voyage charter party and time charter party. Since a lot of

transportation from China to Canada is depending on China ocean shipping, you should pay more

attentions on the operating modes and requirements.

I have run my career on international China ocean shipping field for 5 years in China.

While need sea shipping from China to Canada or any other country, I give suggestions on mode of transport, shipping costs and secure delivery, wish those can help people in need!

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