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  • Published April 25, 2013
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Engaging the help of a freight payment company is a major business decision and one that is not to be made lightly. For those who have reached a stage in your business where your supply chain demands are such that freight payment services are essential, there are some things that you should keep in mind when deciding who to do business with.

You will always want to ensure you examine and evaluate what your provider can offer and determine if their services match your individual business needs, just like you do when making other decision for the best interest of the company. An incredible incentive is to outsource your freight payment applications since it can result in reduced freight costs. A freight payment company can also offer many valuable post-payment services that could be valuable and unavailable to you on your own potentially making it possible for you to save much more money overall. These could include having systems in place to make sure you are paying the right amount for freight and are not being double-billed. They are able to provide you access to an extensive range of consulting services, monitor the routing compliance of the freight company and provide advanced reporting services that can provide your organization with valuable data in relation to tracking your expenses.

As with several other professional services, you will want to assess a freight payment company’s track record and experience prior to getting into business with them. Some points to consider may be how long they have been conducting business and how much business they do. Other things to consider is what type of industries do they work within and do they have a reputation for paying freight carriers punctually. One of the best strategies to find out more about what engaging with the provider will be like is to talk with current customers. Ask for a list of customers and contact them to find out if they are pleased with the service they receive and also to describe the service they are receiving. Has a provider been known to go out of their way to supply excellent service when issues arise and how they have adapted their services to specifically accommodate individual business will speak volumes for their credibility and stability.

At all points along the supply chain, businesses will emphasize the significance of trust and relationships. Just like other providers, freight payment agencies have to be able to do the job you're hiring them to do. Specifically gather information regarding who within the company you will be working with. You must be able to communicate well with the selected individual in so do make inquiries, find out about their qualifications and make certain you're confident they are the right person to complete the job.

Make sure they are able to adapt as with many businesses, your requirements now may be different a few years from now. Ensure that any provider you outsource your freight payment to is able to keep up with demand, assist you in a number of tasks and be able to grow with you as your business grows and increases. Determine what their commitment is to keeping up with the latest technology and practices.

It can be valuable for your evaluation purposes to find out what the carriers think about the provider on a professional basis along with just what their clients think. Seek referrals from carriers before making your decision. You will want to make sure the provider operates at a certain standard which could include formal rules and policies. Ethics, finances and security are areas where you may want to find out more details about what checks, balances and protections the provider has constantly in place. Whenever you engage a freight payment provider, you are not only putting your organization in their hands, you are putting your trust in them too. You really need to make sure that trust is justified.

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