Take Stock and Take Off: The Benefits of Share Trading!

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  • Author Jessica Hannah
  • Published May 4, 2013
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Trading stock has become the ultimate financial taboo in a post-GFC climate, as scare mongers and the collective imaginations of potential investors divert capital into fixed investments.

All is not lost.

According to JP Morgan, the stock market is entering a defined post-crisis period, as the Australian government passed a number of safeguards to encourage future investors to move forward and realise their own financial ambitions and successes. The reformation and resurgence of the stock market has landed in Australia, are you ready? Where do you start?

A clueless beginner is not an anomaly in the market, often buying high and selling low, charging from one decision to the next without a plan or contingency in place. To avoid being "that guy" (or girl), there are a range of options available:

University Courses

Stock trading streams arm traders with market acumen, both locally and globally, preparing students to sink or swim with the sharks. Especially formative, students enjoy a range of activities including competitions, debates, seminars and unlimited access to resources, informing both strategy and understanding.

The Advantages:

• Knowledgeable and reputable faculty.

• Access to academic resources and history.

• Social development.

The Disadvantages:

• Expensive

• Unnecessarily time consuming – The average degree takes three to four years to complete.

Online Trading Courses

Online courses redirect power distribution to you, encouraging self sufficiency, discussion and autonomy. You are in control of your enrolment, engagement and learning. While a computer may seem an unlikely conduit for inclusive interaction, your teachers will be involved and helpful, eliminating the Solo Studies Blues.

The Advantages:

• Anywhere, anytime, online!

• Strong faculty with trading experience.

• Transformative and timely.

• Networking.

The Disadvantages:

• Limited socially. Students have the option of sourcing peers in the same area to create trading groups.

The Best of Both Worlds

Premium training institutions offer a package alternative, combining online learning with face-to-face education, creating a holistic service to new and existing investors. You’re never too experienced to learn something new; centres like the Sharemarket College in Brisbane empower students to make the right decisions, offering tools essential to traversing challenging market territories.

The Sharemarket College is a vibrant collection of active traders, dedicated to cultivating the next generation of investors, employing intuitive systems and strategies. An exceptional blend of experience, research and ongoing learning, the SMC team continue to anticipate and communicate financial market trends, elevating their skill set and position on the food chain.

Some further advantages of SMC include:

• Mentoring – Be shaped by a successful trader and supplement your course based education.

• Flexibility – Enjoy a face-to-face environment or online climate; the choice is yours!

• Advanced Courses – SMC refresh course content to stay ahead of the market curve.

• Seminars – Embrace the "University Experience" without the hefty cost.

• Research – Our databases and sources are extensive, up-to-date and free to access.

• Support – Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions or concerns you have. No Student Services red tape to slice through!

• Finances – We mean yours! Don’t accumulate a 30,000 dollar HECS/ HELP debt unnecessarily!

The share market is waiting for you to make your mark. Benefit from SMC’s experience and courses and keep one step ahead of the pack, boost your profits and fatten your portfolio! Find out more today.


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