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Writing a winning dissertation is a challenge to many students because of the time and resources required in the writing process. However, many students fail to plan in advance before engaging themselves in the writing of their dissertations. Eventually, such students produce academic write-ups that receive low or even failing grades. Indeed, it is not difficult for tutors to differentiate between a good and a bad dissertation. This essay will discuss the process of producing a successful dissertation.

Like any other activity, students must plan early in advance before starting the writing process. Writing a dissertation requires a lot of resources, including finances, sources, and consultation with the tutor. A student should take time to generate the thesis, which is the central focus of the dissertation. The thesis highlights what the students will be trying to prove or disapprove. Therefore, planning is critical since it helps the writer determine where to start and how to progress with the others parts of the paper. Failure to plan is to prepare to fail.

A successful dissertation has a definite and logical structure. The introduction tells readers what the essay will address, and it is here that the writer states the thesis of the dissertation. The body analyzes the thesis in detail, providing all the necessary evidence in support or against the thesis. This is the most important part of the writing because it sets the basis for accepting or rejecting the thesis. The researcher should be detailed enough to lead the readers to a logical conclusion. Finally, the conclusion summarizes what has been discussed in the body of the dissertation. No new details should be introduced in the conclusion. This logical format helps the writer to organize the work in a way that readers can follow the arguments and come to proper understanding of the author’s conclusion on a subject.

Professionalism is essential in coming up with a winning dissertation. The writer must engage in research to identify all the necessary literature to aid in supporting the arguments advanced in the paper. Ideas from these sources must be properly cited and referenced. Refusing to cite or acknowledge a source is unethical and a sign of academic dishonesty. In addition, the writer should give emphasis to principles and lessons from the particular research instead of concentrating on experimental data or facts behind the arguments. Additionally, the writer should identify the specific areas that should be addressed future research. It is important for a writer to go over the work and correct any mistake, including grammar and spelling mistakes. The writer should avoid log sentences, which at times might be confusing. A short sentence can communicate an idea in a logical and clear manner. Besides, the writer should ensure paragraphs do not carry more than one point.

In conclusion, it is not difficult to come up with a good piece of academic writing. Although it takes time and resources to write a dissertation, with proper planning, a student can produce an exemplary dissertation. As discussed above, it is important to generate a thesis that will guide the writer throughout the paper. In addition, the dissertation should be well structured with an introduction, a body and a concluding paragraph. The arguments presented by the writer should be presented in a logical and coherent manner. It is imperative for the writer to proofread the work to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. Sources must be acknowledged to avoid any instances of plagiarism. Moreover, the dissertation should be handed in within the provided time. Finally, a good dissertation lays down a foundation for future research on the subject. Indeed, these elements, if clearly articulated, will ensure the writer produces a successful piece of academic research writing.

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