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  • Author Danny Fansler
  • Published August 1, 2013
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Often times people misinterpret virtual assisting as a mere customer service representative, who just answers calls, assist inquiries, and choked on offensive words from a dissatisfied client. Virtual support goes beyond that; administrative, proofreading and editing, correspondence, bookkeeping, time management and promotional services sum up the job with "carry all, do it all" function. Online support is not an easy job. You need to contrive to make it to this one. But even in any other jobs, the only thing that counts here is you get the job done.

Hiring a Virtual Legal Assistant will help you be more productive by allowing you to delegate tasks to him/her, which alleviates stress and burnout. Delegating tasks that can be easily done by a Virtual Assistant allows you to focus on the more important tasks. Start out by making a list of all the tasks that you would be comfortable handing over to an assistant. Below are some ideas of some tasks that are easily managed by Virtual Legal Assistants.

  1. Social Media: Many professionals hire legal assistants to manage their social networking sites. While it is an easy job, it can be time-consuming to keep up-to-date with posting on these sites. In the Internet age, social media is a huge way to do free advertising. Allowing a Virtual Assistant to manage these social media sites for you would free up that time spent doing it now for another task.

  2. Blogging: Blogging has become another hot sensation! Having an assistant that can post to your blog would be beneficial. This is another task that can be handed off easily.

  3. Task & Appointment Management: A virtual legal assistant can maintain your calendar for you by setting appointments and reminding you of upcoming appointments. This task being done by an assistant would free up a lot of your time! You would never miss another appointment, as your assistant would be on top of it for you!

  4. Website Content: Are you building a website? It takes a lot of time to fill it with content, so let an assistant do that for you. There are a lot of Virtual Assistants that are very knowledgeable with SEO.

  5. Bookkeeping: This is a huge task that could easily be done by a knowledgeable assistant! Let her pay all the bills! There are many software programs out there that can be used to make it simpler.

  6. Email: Another great task to hand over to an assistant! Just imagine all the time that can be saved if you have an assistant that is sorting and deleting junk emails for you! She can forward the important emails to you, so that you only see the ones that are necessary!

These are just a few ideas as to tasks that a Legal Virtual Assistant can do for you. But, the list is never-ending! An assistant can do any task that you need to be done! Virtual Assistants can assist you and save you money! Since they are "virtual" there is no overhead!

To learn more about hiring a virtual legal assistant click here.

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