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Bonsai plants are very well-loved miniature saplings that are cultivated to capture the beauty of a large replica tree. The tree is planted in a small ceramic container, pruned and potted to keep the tree from growing to full size. Like other potted plants, there are some bonsai trees that are more popular than others. There are literally thousands of plants and varieties that might be considered for a bonsai plant, however there are a select few that are easy to sustain and grow. The following is a list of five bonsai plants that range from most popular to least popular, and a short summarization of each amazing specimen.


The Juniper bonsai tree is easily the most popular genre of bonsai saplings used, because of the ease of growth and sustaining. The branches of a Juniper have adjustable branches, which makes it easy to shape and prune for both beginners and bonsai enthusiasts alike. Junipers are found throughout the Us, makings it easily accessible and ready to prune.


The Chinese elm bonsai is another popular selling tree because of the beautiful leaves and the unique twisted tree trunk. This beautiful bonsai is strong, sturdy and forgiving if you are a new to bonsai, and forget to water or prune regularly. The Chinese elm adapts to either indoor or outdoor climates, makings it an extraordinarily favorite choice for bonsai.


The third most popular bonsai is a stunning specimen with wide leaves that is great for pruning. The ficus bonsai tree has a thick trunk and wide roots that adapts well in many environments. The hardy wood should be kept indoors, which makes the bonsai popular for mens and women who dwell in the city and do not have room to grow trees outdoors.


The Japanese maple bonsai tree is best known for its one-of-a-kind leaf shape, and remarkable seasonal changes. The maple trees have a deciduous behavior, meanings they lose their leaves in the winter and bloom again in the spring. The tree would be more popular, if it kept its leaves on year around.


The cypress bonsai trees are popular, and can possibly be found in the genus of pine and palm trees. The bonsai trees have deep green foliage, with a variety of branches that can make it the perfect bonsai for trimming and maintenance. Many like the cypress bonsai tree as a result of the unique beauty and exotic appearance.


The Satsuki Azaleas bonsai tree is a popular bonsai because of the beautiful flowers that bloom tight small flowers that are perfect for miniature plants. The plant blooms at least two times a year, which makes it popular during those times. The marvelous bonsai tree can come in a variety of colors, and is considered as being a very feminine bonsai tree.

This bonsai list is made from a list of favorites bought in garden nurseries throughout North America. There are many other exotic and beautiful trees that can be planted as a bonsai, and have yet of being seen. It doesn't matter which magnificent bonsai plant that you chose, you are sure to have a wonderful conversational piece!

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