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Professional certification or simply certification is a rank that is earned to develop a skill to perform certain job or task at professional level. There are lot of universities and private certifiers that are offering their services to earn certifications. Keep in mind there is a difference between certifications and degrees acquired by the universities. Degrees don’t need renewal but some certifications are renewed periodically or may be valid for defined period of time that is mentioned on the certifications. Renewal of certification makes the certified professionals to keep in touch with the advance knowledge in the specific niche. It is the way to display the evidence of continuous learning – often named as continuous learning - or earning continuous education unit.

Many professional associations, trade organizations, and private vendors who have keen interest in raising the standards to create, to sponsor or to affiliate certification programs. The one thing that is important to note is that certifications are earned from professional society or educational institute. None of the government institution is responsible to award the certification to leaner round the world. No doubt there are lots of degrees awarding institutions round the world in government sector.

Types of certifications

There are three types of certifications that are enlisted below

1:- Corporate (internal) Certifications

2:- Product Specific Certifications

3:- Profession Wide Certifications

1:- Corporate (internal) Certifications

This type of certifications is created by the corporations or low stake organizations for internal motives. For example an organization manages one days training course for all sale personals and at the completion of this course, they are awarded with a certificate. This certificate is simple to develop professional skill and has limited portability.

2:- Product Specific Certifications

This type of certification is more specific and involved to a product for all applications. This approach is applicable in Information Technology industry where the personals are trained and certified for specific version of software or hardware. This type of certifications are more portable across the locations but are for no use for other products.

3:- Profession Wide Certifications

This type of certification is considered as general. For example the certifications in medical field are associated with the particular specialties. For application of more standards, to increase the level of practice and for the protection of public, a professional organization might establish a certification. This is the most portable to all places a certified professional might work. The cost of this program is considerably high because of its generalization.

To qualify any of the above certifications an individual must be dedicated and with well prepared in his niche.

According to my experience and knowledge Westcliff University has announced a program to train the students in TESOL. The highly qualified faculty of the university develop skill in the students to pass the TESOL Certification exam.

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