What's the Hype About A Free Lead System?

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  • Author Ouida Sparkman
  • Published November 25, 2013
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What’s All the Hype about A Free Lead Generating System?

The Free Lead System provides you with the following:

-Your own website to promote your own business whatever that may be

-17 audio programs on how to get referrals and enroll more distributors for your business.

-Training to help you enroll a lot more people in your home based business

The Free Lead System generates leads (prospects) by sharing your personal, unique link (URL) that is provided for you. When someone signs up, using this unique link, they are placed in your own contact manager inside the system that keeps track of them.

The Free Lead System provides you with online and offline promotional tools and training to help you introduce others to get their own free system. This in turn generates more leads (prospects) for you. The system provides you with signage, banners, postcards, and more.

When the people you sign up introduce others that join, this generates more leads for you since you keep every other one they sign up. This can generate massive amount of leads for you.

These become prospects for your own business whatever it may be.

When your prospects login, they will see your info at the top of their admin page with your name, phone number, etc. This helps promote your business tremendously.

When people sign up using your unique link, they are automatically in an email campaign. They are sent 18 messages over 58 days. This email looks as if it is coming from you. It has your unique link

in it and it appears that you are the expert.

All you have to do is fill out the requested information at the end of this article and you will get your own website setup automatically.

It will be 'done for you'. It is very important that you provide your correct email so we can send you the login information. I suggest that you emphasize this to your prospective leads otherwise they can't get into the system.

I did this article because I would have loved this system when I started and I sincerely want to help others get their business started. There is no gimmick here and there is a lot more info inside the system. There is also a paid version that you will learn about but for now, use the free system and enjoy. I hope to see you on the inside.

Feel free to "friend" me on Facebook if you wish.

Link to join us is: http://freeleadsystem.withouida.com

Ouida Sparkman

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