10 Things that You Need to Consider When Buying Gardens Sheds.

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  • Published October 5, 2014
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It is natural to get anxious when you start noticing your things such as lawn equipment and holiday decorations piled up in the house or your garage because you lack enough room for storage. The best solution is to purchase a garden shed, but remember there are various things you need to consider before carrying out any purchase. They include the following.

  1. The volume of the shed.

It might be ideal to get the largest garden shed available because you can never run out of things to store. However, your backyard’s size and the amount you are willing to part with are the true determinants of the size of the garden shed you can obtain.

  1. Garden shed designs.

Whichever material kit you purchase, you will have to select from a variety of designs. Having your taste in mind and the design of your building will help in the choice you make.

  1. The placement.

The best spot is the one closest to your house especially if you want to use it as your workshop. Other factors that come to play include the sun’s position and a dry, free drainage area with easy door entry. You can place the shed under a tree or next to a taller building, away from direct sunlight and remember to leave room for the easy opening and shutting of the shed’s door.

  1. Building codes.

Typically, garden sheds do not require building permits if the floor area is below 10 meters square and not exceeding the shed’s height boundary. If you happen to exceed these limitations, you will be required to register for a building permit.

  1. Understructure and flooring.

After identifying the placement location for your garden shed, the next thing is to contemplate where it’s going to be set. There are various selections of the base such as concrete slab, pavers placed on top of a leveled sand bed or concrete blocks and wooden struts placed on top of flattened gravel or steel foundation. It is important that your garden shed is fastened to a firm, even foundation to avert the frame from bending and warping. Also, the higher it is from the ground, the more secure it is from rain water.

  1. Preservation.

Ensure the shed you purchase is long lasting. You can impede soil dampness from rising into the shed via the floor by fixing vapor barriers beneath your foundation and polythene sheeting is the perfect material for this.

  1. Materials.

It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you intend to use the garden shed for. There’s a variety of garden sheds made from different materials such as timber, metal and plastic. You just have to select the one that best suits your requirements.

  1. Price and quality.

The best quality sheds are often costly therefore if you are ready to part with whatever amount of cash in order to acquire the best quality shed then go for it.

  1. Landscape.

Your surrounding is important when selecting your ideal garden shed. Garden sheds are not simply functional items. Aside from their utility, the outdoor appearance of garden sheds influences the general appearance of your home. Therefore, the design of the shed should complement your home.

  1. The garden shed use.

What you plan to use the garden shed for is also important to selecting your preferred garden shed. Some sheds have dual doors ideal for storing bulky items such as lawn mowers. Also consider the height if you are planning to incorporate shelves on the interior.

Garden sheds are great for creating extra space to store all your equipment and facilities. But before you purchase one think of all the above factors so that you select a garden shed that meets your entire requirements.

Mrs. Margaret is a housewife and a part time interior designer in Australia. She loves to decorate garden with different colourful shades according to the clients test. She takes help from internet to select the right shed for her designing project. She finds there are so many online shops like iShedsonline.com.au and others who have quality and different variety shed products.

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