The Brain-Keeping It Healthy And Avoiding Potential Problems

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  • Author Ron Sauciron
  • Published December 18, 2014
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The space program has come to an end but we all remember the sight of that very large room called mission control where hundreds of technicians, each with a specific duty to perform from the time of lift-off to touch-down were located. They were the brains of the operation. Well if we were to reduce that room full of specialists and place them inside your head, that would serve as an illustration of how sophisticated your brain is and how essential it is to the normal everyday function of your body.

There is no action you take that does not involve your brain. Your brain is instrumental in all the decisions you make throughout the day and night. It functions well into the sleep process analyzing and processing the events of the day and even contributing to the dream process. It is the foundation of your being. Without it you are a conglomeration of bones and tissue without a purpose. When your brain is functioning at peak efficiency you look good, you feel good, and events in your life seem to function in total harmony. You stick to your diet, you eat healthy, you project a positive persona and command respect and admiration. Your health is excellent, antioxidant activity is working at optimal levels, disease and sickness are nonexistent, and all is right with the world. That’s the good news.

The bad news is a distressed brain will probably lead to a distressed body with wrinkles, disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and a host of other bodily malfunctions. So what causes the brain to become distressed ? Smoking and excessive use of alcohol can have a negative effect on brain health. Extra weight, bad food and beverage choices can all be attributed to your thought processes and the resulting actions you take. Those actions can start a chain reaction contributing to a deeper and more distressed environment

The brain is a seriously sophisticated and complex organ. It weighs only three pounds but can out-perform any computer man has ever made. Your brain weighs only 2% of your total body weight but consumes over 20% of your total blood flow, oxygen, and calories. This magnificent organ is a reflection of who you are, your personality, your character, your intellect, and most importantly, your individuality.

The brain does not have the physical characteristics of a piece of beef, it is actually very soft. The density of your brain is similar to a bowl of jello that is 80% congealed. Since it is such a delicate organ it needs to be encased into a bony area like your skull to protect it from the potential abuse the body takes on a day to day basis. Even encased in the bony skull, it was not meant to take the punishment of 15 rounds of boxing, having soccer balls bounced off it, or the violent collisions on the football field. Brain injuries happen more often than you may think. There are a variety of degrees of brain injuries ranging from a mere bump on the head to blunt force trauma. If your brain is injured, it can affect your entire body.

Since we are all individuals, we often react differently to the same type of injury. Some people who sustain brain injuries often suffer from emotional or behavioral problems sometimes long after the injury. Others may find it difficult to make important decisions like electing to drink excessive amounts of alcohol or insisting on driving while intoxicated. Avoid these and other potentially dangerous situations by keeping your brain healthy and fully functional.

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