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  • Author Ron Sauciron
  • Published February 5, 2015
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Omega-3 supplements and it's health benefits have been the subject of over 20,000 extensive and detailed studies. As the scientific community continues to uncover new longevity attributes like the reduction of brain shrinkage in the elderly, preventing memory loss, and improving the condition of the inner lining of our blood vessels, they have come to realize how different Omega-3 origins impact the body.

Emerging evidence strongly suggests that Omega-3 ingredients from Fish Oil and Krill Oil produce reciprocal effects upon different cellular areas. Also, research has revealed some very interesting characteristics of cellular life. For example, cellular absorption of Omega-3 fatty acids from both Fish Oil and Krill Oil do not occur at the same rates.

Emerging data strongly suggests that when Krill Oil and Fish Oil are combined, they provide improved cardiovascular health, and improved support to the brain and the nervous system. This is made possible by the varied levels and rates of absorption by Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Fish Oil and Krill Oil.

Brain Health From Omega-3

Brain health should be the number one priority of everyone, male and female, young and older. You can have the physical attributes of an Olympic athlete but if your brain is not functioning properly, all those physical attributes will just be a conglomeration of uncoordinated tissue. Your brain is "mission control" for your body. Keeping it healthy should be number one on your priority list.

The two molecules, DHA and EPA, from Omega-3 fatty acids are well known for their ability to provide orderly benefits throughout the body which can significantly reduce the risk of a premature death.

DHA is essential for early stage brain development and EPA is closely linked to behavioral mood characteristics. The combination of the two provide essential neuroprotective benefits which are essential for the prevention of brain shrinkage due to ones advanced age. Older adults with brain shrinkage often experience depression, memory loss, and cognitive decline.

Research strongly suggests that people with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in their blood experience positive brain qualities such as fewer signs of blood flow obstructions and fewer episodes of Dementia.

Those with lower levels of Omega-3 fatty acids are unable to enjoy the attributes of those with higher levels. They have a tendency to have smaller brain volume (shrinkage) and elevated levels of white matter hyperintansity (Leukoaraiosis). This is a condition commonly associated with a higher than normal rate of accelerated brain aging.

Omega-3 fatty acids also have the ability to protect your brain by shielding the primary memory processing area called the Hippocampus. Extensive research has concluded that individuals with low levels of Omega-3 have smaller Hippocampus levels which can potentially lead to impaired memory processing.

Individuals who suffer from Depression frequently experience rapid shrinkage of their Hippocampus. In an effort to reduce shrinkage and ultimately reduce episodes of Depression, significant efforts are being implemented towards increasing new cell growth in that area of the brain. Emerging new evidence indicates the act of increasing Omega-3 DHA intake can possibly be an effective way of treating , or even preventing Depression.

Bone and Joint Health

In the past, a common belief was Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis were the result of insufficient Calcium intake combined with the aging process. Modern research now finds good reason to dispute those theories.

We are now aware of new evidence that indicates bone and joint ailments are partially the result of inflammation. Since Fish Oil and Krill Oil have anti-inflammatory properties, it just makes good sense to use the two Omega-3 oils to combat two of the most common ailments of our senior population.

In studies involving human and laboratory animal subjects, subjecting them to Fish Oil supplementation has resulted in the reduction of Post Menopausal bone loss. This effect can be attributed to the reduction in the number and activity of bone destroying cells which is a direct result of reduced inflammation brought about by increased levels of Omega-3s.

So it seems as if Fish Oil and Krill Oil have shown indisputable evidence of providing significant neuroprotection of vital brain areas from shrinkage due to age. The prevention of Memory Loss, Dementia, and even Depression may also be accomplished by using these Omega-3 oils.

Father Time's aging process is our persistent foe but Mother Nature's holistic inventory is our devoted friend.

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