Kaley Cuoco - We know she a boob job, but how about that nose job?

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  • Author Ismael Labrador
  • Published March 3, 2015
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Kaley Cuoco has been on our TV screens for years as one of Americas most popular female actresses appearing on numerous sitcoms. At the young age of ten, Kaley started her career appearing on the film Virtuosity. Since then she has played roles on various TV series, one of the most popular being ‘Penny’ from the "The Big Bang Theory".

Her various appearances on these popular TV series automatically drew attention from the media, which is not very unlikely. Her great sense of humor, looks, and beautiful figure has won her millions of fans all over the globe, but this hasn’t stopped the media and paparazzi from raising the question of whether she has undergone plastic surgery.

Kaley has openly admitted to have gotten a breast augmentation at the age of 18. Her career as a young girl flowing into her teenage years and adulthood show enough proof that she has undergone plastic surgery. On "The Big Bang Theory" she has been fairly popular for showing off her cleavage, which is clearly is not afraid to show off.

Although she is not embarrassed to tell the world about her boob job, she continues to deny the accusations of her possible nose job. Apparently, she recently went under the knife for a nasal operation to treat her sinus problems, but to many this sounds a little fishy. It may be possible that she used this excuse to cover up her rhinoplasty. Even after repeated clash with media, she refuses to admit that she had a nose job. Now it is not unlikely that she had her sinuses treated through a nose job because this is very common among individuals that seek a nose job, but it is likely that she asked her doctor to perfect her nose just a little.

Media will probably continue to raise questions about Kaley’s plastic surgery, but the question is, will she ever admit it?

Whether she decides to admit it or not, plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of. Celebrities today are going under the knife more than ever. Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular and less frowned upon within the last several years. Plastic surgeons all over the world are finding new techniques to make plastic surgery safer and yield much more natural results. Women and men will always find ways to make themselves look even better, even celebrities. If you believe plastic surgery is exactly what you need to give you a boost of confidence, then it may be the right option for you!

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