Masking agents: Understanding How These Chemical Substances Works

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  • Published May 31, 2015
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A masking agent is nothing but a chemical substance or a reagent which is used to hide the detection of Doping substances. In simple words, it is used to camouflage the doping substances and prevent its detection while testing some specific illegal drugs which are screened to test doping. Masking agents like diuretics can conceal the doping drugs by diluting it in the form of urine.

Functioning of a masking agent As it says, masking agents hide or conceal the use of illegal drugs which are used for doping. Diuretics the most popular masking agent helps to excrete the banned drug from the body in the form of urine. These chemical substances increase the rate of urination in the humans. Some powerful masking agents or Diuretics like acetazolamide, bendroflumethiazide, indapamide or chlorthalidone can increase the urine flow in a man by about 6 litres a day. Diuretics are some therapeutic substances which are used in treatment of various diseases like renal failure, Kidney and lung dysfunction, heart failure or hypertension. This agent increases the flow of urine and sodium is also excreted so that the excess fluids from the tissue get adjusted. The volume and composition of the body fluid is also maintained.

Beat the drug test-Say no to Diuretics

Diuretics or any kinds of such drugs are banned in sporting activities, both competitive as well as in competitive ones. Diuretics are used by the athletes primarily for two reasons. With the excretion of excess amount of water from the body the weight gets reduced. This can be used to qualify the weight criteria for the athletic events. So the athletes use this kind of drugs to reduce their weight drastically and meet the weight criteria in the sports events. Another reason for using this drug is hiding the doping agents and concealing the effects of illegal drugs which may be administered in the athletic events. In sporting activities, huge financial gains and popularity provoke the athletes to indulge into unfair and illegal activities like doping and hence making of the doping agents. This doping agent enhances their performing ability and helps them to gain competitive edge. World Anti-doping agency or WADA, has listed certain chemical compounds which can be used to enhance the capabilities of an athlete. With the passing years, the total number of chemical substances in the list is increasing and more improved methods are introduced in order to prohibit the athletes from using unfair and illegal means to win the financial gains and the reputation in athletics.

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