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  • Author Marta Barcino
  • Published June 10, 2015
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On completion of a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in Barcelona, graduates take many different routes into the workplace, in some cases even making a move from their former field of expertise to something new. However, it is not always easy to know what your options are after graduation, or indeed if a career move is the best thing for you. If you have ever wondered what careers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in Barcelona could prepare you for, and what they involve, we have prepared some information on a few potential careers:

  1. Human Resource Management: HRM, in its abbreviated form, is known as the process of managing people in organisations in a structured way, covering such areas as staffing, pay, staff retention, devising incentives and managing staff departures, transferrals and promotions. However, an equally important part of HRM is management of relationships between employers and employees, both horizontally and vertically. So if you enjoy organization, facilitating good relationships and working with people, this area could be for you!

  2. Managing Supervisor: Managing Supervisors cover many areas, most of which are crucial to the company they work for, so this is the perfect job for multi-taskers or for those who like a varied workload! Areas they work on include monitoring safety and product quality, receiving feedback and passing it on, training and development and relationship-building. A Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in Barcelona prepares you to take on this challenging role through educating students on various business contexts (social, legal, etc.), so that they are ready to make decisions.

  3. Personnel Management: Sounds like HRM you say? At first glance, yes, and in fact the common thread running between the two is the idea of recruiting and maintaining a satisfied workforce. Personnel management tends to focus more on contributing to the company's ethos in ways which may not be concretely visible but are certainly felt by a contented workforce. Much of a personnel manager's time may be spent mediating, counselling or advising employees or supervisors, with the aim of creating a happy, motivated workforce. Could this be your forté? A BBA in Management provides the tools you need to work in this area.

  4. Sales Management: At the forefront of development of sales strategies, techniques and targets, a Sales Manager works with both the Sales and Marketing teams to identify new customer bases and effectively develop those already in existence. They may often liaise with those higher up regarding hiring new talent, and require excellent knowledge of their field and concepts of business such as those covered by the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in Barcelona.

These are just a few of the areas people with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management have gone into. Nothing here catch your eye? Don't worry, there are plenty more career choices, such as consultancy, which could be perfect for you. Why not start exploring your options today?

This article is written by Marta Barcino, a staff member of Global Business School Barcelona where you can find the Bachelor in Management in our school

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