Through God's Eyes

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  • Author Karla Sullivan
  • Published June 13, 2015
  • Word count 391

Through God's Eyes is compiled with personal inspirational and motivational stories that are the foundation of established values. This anthology or manual for life focuses on love, gratitude, spiritual guidance, laughter and heartache all revolving on parents, children, grandparents and even our workplace lives. There is something for everyone while shedding a tear despite yourself.

The Shoebox of Memories where a lost child finds her father. Memories of tragic encounters such as rape but blessed with life and grace. Thoughts on Moms that truly work behind the scenes for their children that even grow from mistakes. The beauty of intimate relationships brought together at Gods Conference Table and taken away in the Final Chapter.

It is one of those rare books that you can pick up any time, read any story and it will enhance your own faith, lifting you to a new level of consciousness; a spiritual tool for healing.

Currently, Karla lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her significant other, two cats and is a mother of two 25 plus children, finally launched into a world that they two can, be proud.

A captivating and committed writer, she has written over 1,000 articles for a variety of publications and topics that include, charity, healthcare, aging, inspiration, guest interviews and student retention.

She has written for two insurance websites and is a writer on workplace development as a top ten national writer entitled the Chicago Career Coach for the widely read Examiner. Articles have also been published in the Phoenix Focus, the Chicago Tribune, Suburban Life, Grand Magazine, Reunion Magazine, Mature Years, Midlife Collage, Maria Shriver Architect of Change, and Sacred Journey.

Through God's Eyes is available as a paperback and e-book at Booklocker.

Her first novel was published in 2006 and is for sale once again at Amazon called Caroline's Crescendo.A historical romance novel set in the heart of New England during 1915 where Caroline Libby accepts an assignment as a pianist on the famous Lusitania, an exciting escape from her isolated world at her father's inn in Maine. However, her voyage results in disaster for not only does she meet a destructive man but witnesses the execrable tortures of a sinking ship torpedoed by a German U boat. Caroline returns home and becomes involved with a German American at the onslaught of World War I. Her survival is threatened once

Through God's Eyes is available at Booklocker

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