How to Write Your Dissertation Proposal in a Proper Way?

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  • Published June 26, 2015
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Dissertation Proposal is an important piece of writing before you write your final dissertation and therefore you need to follow a proper structure to be able write a proposal in a better way.

A dissertation proposal is basically a small piece of document which describes what you intend to discuss in your final dissertation. It requires the answers of certain questions, give theoretical background as well as methods of research along with possible outcomes. Dissertation proposal is not some kind of essay or article but it actually discusses arguments to prove writer’s research and point of view. It is an important piece of writing and when you are working on it, you can get help from advisers. Here in this article, you can learn some of basic but most important things about proper proposal writing.


Title should be simple and short and don’t try to make it unnecessarily long as this may not draw the attention of the people. Stay to the point and try to describe more in less words and if you do keep it short, it will definitely work in a better way.


You need to create a list of your basic objectives which introduce your main proposal but keep in mind that the list should have less than 3 objectives because more are considered too many. Having more objectives will not allow you to focus on major ones and you may loss grip on the topic.


You don’t have to follow a specific word limit but you can use as many as you need to describe your major ideas and main study areas clearly. However, you better keep yourself in a limit as using unnecessary words may make your dissertation proposal uninteresting.


When it comes to this section, you need to highlight certain areas of your research and you would definitely like to magnify main ideas discussed earlier in research question. Give special focus on this section as it covers the significance of your research.


This section describes the kind of study going to be conducted and how this all will be done like what kind of information or data need to be obtained and used in dissertation. Moreover, how the integrity will be controlled and what techniques can be used. This is really an important section and it will convey relevance of information obtained during research. You will include complete details of the procedures or instruments which will be used.


This section gives you space to describe possible outcomes but of course you are simply predicting on the basis of your research work and it is not necessary that the outcomes must be 100% accurate. Therefore, you need to predict about the best possible outcomes.


You may also need to include timeline in some proposals as the timeline helps in managing overall dissertation research. There are different types of tools and maps which can be used in your proposal but when you are working on timeline, make sure to give it a realistic look.


Bibliography is not usually required in dissertation proposal but if you are required to work in this section, you need to create a list of references which will be used in your dissertation.


All the above mentioned factors will enable you to write your dissertation proposal in a proper way and therefore, you need to understand each one of them clearly before you start working. Keeping a proper structure in focus will allow you to give your best.

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