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Essential oils are playing a great role in an individual life because essential oils are the multitasking and they are providing various benefits to every individual whether it is in the form of internal health or external beauty. There are also many organic essential oils as well.

Benefits of using essential oils.

The effect of essential oil is double when an individual inhale the essential oil due to which the psychological and physiological effect is increased. When the essential oils interact with an individual’s nasal cavity then the essential oil releases the signals due to which an individual has an impact on the limbic system.

The limbic system is also known as the emotional switchboard of the brain. The limbic system of an individual is connected with the brain of the human which is responsible to control the blood pressure, memory, hormone balance, heart rate and etc.

Effects of essential oils on health of an individual

The essential oils can control and reduce many health condition of an individual like,

• Control and maintained the skin condition of an individual

• Essential oils can control the muscular pain and disorder

• The essential oils can also control the arthritis pain

• The essential oils can also control the emotional stress of an individual

• The essential oil can also control an d reduce the inflammation

• The essential oils controls the imbalance autonomic nervous system.

• The essential oils can also control the bacterial infection

• The essential oils can also control the viral infection

How to consume the essential oils

An individual is benefitted by the essential oils when they use the essential oils by the external application and essential oils are taken by the oral ingestion or essential oils are usually inhaled.

 How to use the essential oils through external method

An individual can use the essential oils externally by bathing and massages

Bathing: if an individual is bathing with essential oils then the essential oils can create the relaxation and energize the skin of an individual.

Massaging: an individual can massage their body with the essential oils to create the soothing effects and essential oils can also calm the skin of an individual.

 How to use the essential oils through oral ingestion

• An individual can intake the essential oils through the mouthwash, capsules and lozenge

• An individual can intake the essential oils in the form of capsule by mixing cocoa butter with the essential oils.

• An individual can take the essential oil in the form of mouthwash by adding peppermint with the glass of water

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