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  • Published September 14, 2015
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Have you seen the words like "do not contain food additives" marked in the food packaging? Or the use of advertising, media and other means to say its products do not contain food additives? This is a selling point of some individual enterprises. But, this will only mislead the public awareness of food additives, even deepening public misunderstanding of food additives. How much do you know about food additives? Do you really think the food contains food additives equivalent to the problem food? Actually, food additives are an integral part of modern food processing industry. Do not use any food additive is difficult for the food-making process now. Except for a few kinds of foods do not use food additives and the big percentage of food in the supermarket use food additives. For example, rice has preservatives; flour adds anti-knot agent and preservatives; oil needs bleaching agent and anti-oxidant; salt has anti-knot agent; soy or sauce contains preservatives; bread has expanded pine agent; anti-season fruits use preservative and preservatives. In fact, the use of additives is completely safe if it is used in a scientifically and rigorous way.

In recent years, Chinese pay more and more attention to the demand of healthy eating. They care about whether what they eat is safety and healthy. Especially when they mention the food additives, they may exclusion, even panic. When asked how to treat this issue, the Nobel Prize winner Robert said: "some food additives I confirm that is beneficial to the human body, and it is an integral part of the modern food industry. Most of the time, the fear of additives come from people do not has an understanding about it. It is not easy to figure out what is useful and what is harmful when it without test. So do not blindly to exclusion food additives, instead it should be treated by scientific and rigorous way. " The food additives in China has clear provisions in certain standards about the scope, the use CAP and how callouts. This can guarantee the use of additives will not bring harm to consumers. The safety of food additives are established on the basis of reasonable usage, the maximum amount use of food additives are not allowed, or it may cause harm to the human body. The food additives should have accurate measurement according to the total amount. Due to the lack of precise measurement equipment in some enterprises, then it result in excessive use of food additives. But things like Sudan, melamine, plasticizers, industrial gelatin, etc are not official food additives.

When it refers to food additives such as colors and flavors, people may think these are harmful substances. In fact, food additives themselves are harmless, such as red pigment and lutein. These are colorants in food additives, it adjusts the color of food. But the ingredient is carotenoids. It is good to your body instead of harm to eat. But the harm to human body is the improper apply of food additives. Many illegal manufacturers use too many food additives or abuse of food additives, this will do harm to consumers with different physical. In order to reach products shelf period, producers often add excess of preservatives and anti-oxidant in the products to prevent corruption or metamorphic; in order to keep food stability, they add excess thickeners to keep food texture stable within shelf period; in order to make food has better of color, they use excess pigment and bleach; or in order to make the food has good fragrance and taste, the producers use excess flavor, sweetener and sour agent. Some enterprises uses industrial-grade additives to reduce the cost, also to hide food quality issues. Due to abuse of these illegal additives, then problems exposed. What's more, the lack of knowledge about food additives and errors in understanding. It leads to people confuse the concepts of illegal additives and food additives. It causes the misconceptions of food additives endanger food security. So, it needs strict specifications.

With the development of food industry, varieties of food additives will be increased and the usage will become more popular. This is an inevitable trend. People can not live without food additives. More importantly, the use of food additives is a guarantee of food security. So far, domestic food safety incidents are all not caused by food additives. Melamine and Sudan belong to fake and illegal use. They are not the food additives. Food additives are everywhere in the modern civilized society. The right choice is to accept food additives, strive to make food additives scientifically and legally use the food additives. For more information on food additives, visit

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