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  • Author Joe Rispoli
  • Published October 14, 2015
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Telemedicine offers immediate phone access to a nationwide network of doctors and nurses 24/7, 365 days a year – ready to provide medical advice and prescription services.

Unknown to most telemedicine has been used for over forty years to bring healthcare services to those in distant locations. Not only does telehealth benefit the patient but it will extend the reach of doctors and healthcare facilities. Telemedicine will help with the worldwide issue of healthcare shortages as well as increase medical services to millions of new patients.

Currently about 8 million are involved with Tele Medicine and it's projected to be over 100 million by end of 2016. Here are some of the benefits:

•Access to Board Certified Doctors 24 hours a day!

• No more appointments or waiting rooms

•Your whole family can be covered.

•Referrals to specialists!

•Not tied in with a specific doctor or insurance company.

•Pre-existing conditions do not matter.

•Prescription discount card, Diagnostic Lab Test and Imaging savings plan all included.

•Secure HIPAA-compliant storage and retrieval of Electronic Medical

The technology for Telemedicine has been available for many years but even more so now with the availability of cell phones and faster internet connections. Why is Telemedicine taking off now? With just about everyone owning a cell phone, people can consult a doctor from just about anywhere. The use of electronic health records can make it much easier for doctors to access patient records. Patients are comfortable with not having to visit a doctor’s office, which is more time-efficient for doctors.

One of the important benefits of telehealth is to help reduce the cost of health care by reducing travel time, fewer or shorter hospital visits and less staffing. What’s so amazing about telemedicine is that studies have consistently proven that health care services given through telemedicine are just as good as in-person appointments. Further in some specific areas of health care such has mental health and ICU care telemedicine provides many benefits with greater patient satisfaction.

What Telemedicine is not is a replacement for the family physician, but it is a useful tool that can be used to augment in-person treatment. People want telemedicine because it reduces travel time while reducing stress and can greatly impact their families. Studies over the past 15 years have documented patient satisfaction for telehealth.

Along with telemedicine and cell phones, doctors can now offer their patients services that may not have been available otherwise. What if you are sick and it’s the middle of the night? What if you need a prescription when you are on vacation or traveling for business? Thanks to telemedicine your cell phone may just be your best friend.

Medicus Global offers individuals of all ages immediate phone access to a nationwide network of doctors and nurses 24/7, 365 days a year - ready to provide medical advice and prescription services when needed. Telemedicine may be the biggest trend in the healthcare world in 2015.

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