Why You Should Obtain a Virtual Phone Number for Your On-line Business

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  • Author Natalia Matola
  • Published October 23, 2015
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Opening an on-line store or selling any type of on-line services is a great decision in a nowadays declined economy. As an eCommerce entrepreneur you will dedicate yourself to your exclusive, privately owned and newly established business with a strong virtual presence. In order to support its functioning and give a lead to all the operations activities needed, you should be on-the-go, but always in touch.

How is it possible to cover all the customers’ inquiries, respond to partnership offers or sort out issues with vendors or potential buyers, when you are the only manager of the on-line enterprise?

When speaking about telephone support and the options to most successfully incorporate them into your on-line business, the VoIP technologies come the best way out. Due to cheaper rates and wide possibilities, the VoIP termination can be considered a perfect solution to substitute the expensive telephone connection.

Consider setting a virtual phone number for all the possible communication’s needs implied by your business. This will save you the money greatly along with giving you the possibility to maintain a strong connection to your customer. By purchasing a virtual local land-line number, you will be able to receive incoming calls from the target auditory of any given country or continent, not minding geography: distance and time difference will make no change on the business activities, as it is supposed to be within the on-line business. A local land-line telephone number can be set for any given location as per choice, no matter where the business is actually based. As a phone number’s subscriber, you will only receive all the oncoming calls to your personal mobile phone or SIP/Skype account at your home computer. They may be processed respectively in a way that suits you best. Either further call-forwarding, auto reply, interactive voice menu or virtual assistant option may be selected from the list of possible additional phone services existing.

As a small independent on-line business, it is important to keep a well-known and reputable customer service line. With the help of a toll-free virtual number you may fully support your virtual call-centre’s activity. The potential buyers and all persons interested in your service or product will dial the free-of-charge 1-800 number paying nothing for the possibility to get to know more about your offers. As a till-free line’s owner, you will only pay the monthly fee for number’s maintenance with the calculated charge of incoming calls per minute, depending on the calls quantity and destination. All the settings may be done individually in the personal profile’s account, which is easy and convenient to use and monitor.

The main benefits of setting a virtual phone number can be named as the follows:

  1. You really get to understand you customer’s need better, when rendering a personalized phone-based consultation regarding your product or service you represent.

  2. All the inquiries get answered and issues are resolved in a fast and trustworthy manner.

  3. A loyalty is earned by a special treatment and a personal customized phone service.

  4. The trust is built quicker for the on-line or virtual offers of a medium to high cost.

  5. Constant monitoring of prospect buyers’ suggestions, problems and requests.

  6. Considerably lowered expenses on the phone communication.

  7. You get a representative virtual office in any country of the world.

It is important to emphasize at this point that offering outstanding customer support is absolutely essential for the success of any on-line business. You may not set the whole the customer service department with the smiling consultant assistants being 24/7, but as it is crucial that all the incoming calls get processed and answered properly is a must for a sustainable long-term business functioning. When receiving all the calls forwarded to your own private device or cell phone, you may establish call-forwarding settings in the personal profile as per your personal preferences and needs. You may choose to offer phone support in the best possible and cost-effective way, e.g. putting a toll-free number on the website, which goes directly to voice-mail or IVR menu with the main information about the product. In any case you can always call back if required.

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