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  • Published November 17, 2015
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Raw garlic, garlic extract, garlic tea and tablets are used to help in the treatment of various diseases. Some of the results of scientific studies about the benefits, although there is no evidence most except some benefits for traditional use. Raw garlic and garlic tea used against infections of the upper respiratory tract such as colds. High rate "allicin" that contains raw garlic, has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Particularly regularly consume garlic in the winter increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases.

Studies in the field of garlic has the opposite effect on cholesterol results with each other, but often used to reduce cholesterol in humans. Some studies have raw garlic HDL to prevent (good cholesterol), raise the hardening of the arteries and heart disease to reduce the risk underscores. However, more research in this area is necessary. If your medicine at regular intervals due to hardening of the arteries or heart disease, consult your doctor before taking garlic supplements regularly.

In our body, and in a suitable environment (air pollution, radiation, excessive sun exposure, stress, smoking, ...) free radicals, which damage cell structures, it is possible to control the antioxidant activity of garlic. Some experts attribute this garlic throat, stomach, chest and States which reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

With its high vitamin and mineral content contributes to our health 3 cloves garlic;. 5% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, calcium requirement of 2%, 1% of the demand for iron, vitamin B6 meet 6% of the needs of garlic and thiamine, riboflavin. , magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, omega-3, omega-6, manganese and selenium.

Side effects of garlic

Problems with blood clotting and regularly consume garlic is not for those who, even if only as garlic tablets, nausea, vomiting, use the recommended blood-thinning medication., It may cause diarrhea. Antihypertensive effect and may cause dizziness. Use should blood pressure medications Speak to a doctor before you can consume garlic for adverse effects of the drug consult to increase in size. Eat more garlic can cause excessive sweating and bad breath.

Garlic tea, give mAdIğImIz was a product after seeing the impact that we have our first try and show. The first element that attracts us, it was not quite Kräuter.Inhalte will share with you a little later, but if you need to speak briefly, garlic tea, garlic, rosemary, shrub leaves, ginger, Plantago and consists of a mixture of shepherds smashed plants. Garlic is no need to worry, because the product may not mention smell after drinking problem. The weight loss for us as well as we mentioned, is inexpensive and do not intend, healthy ... to leave this entirely herbal and especially when approaching beach season!

I am interested in alternative herbal tea mixtures.

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