How to Make a Cold Call: The Script that REALLY Works

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  • Author Fran Briggs
  • Published November 19, 2015
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Do you dread calling prospects? Are you sick and tired of rejection?

Prospecting for customers is a necessary part of doing business, but you don't have to suffer through it anymore. There’s a better way.

There's a better script

As a master sales trainer, I nailed—no, totally obliterated—the number one fear of selling with this script.

Thousands of articles and a few books have been written on the topic of cold-calling. I've read my share and am not at all impressed. That's because many scripts are canned or just plain corny.

Others are too long, too 'sellzy,' or just too much.

I want to show you what really works. It's 56 words and 15 seconds that I use with 99.9% success rate.

I know that sounds like an over-hyped promise, but it's not.

When practiced and delivered in a natural, calm, and confident voice tone, this simple script pays dividends. And because of this truth, it is known as "The World's Greatest, 15-second Sales Script."

People want–and need–your product or service. The problem lies in what you're saying, and how you're saying it.

When tailored to your work or precise area of expertise, it immediately demonstrates that you are genuinely speaking with your prospect's best interest in mind

Here's why.

It cuts to the chase and gets right to the point and doesn't waste anyone's precious time.

I have used the script (and versions thereof) for projects of all types: speaking engagements, sponsorships, vocation creation, and of the like. And if it's a job you or a loved one needs, the script works as well!.

The secret of the script's success is that it not only conveys competence, but confidence. Use it to connect with all kinds of prospects.

"The World's Greatest, 15-second Sales Script" will help you close the sale, secure a sponsorship, get booked for a speaking engagement, and even land you a job. Take your game to the next level with just 56 words, and 15 seconds.

"Fran. Honestly, I was beginning to despair. I knew I had the wares people wanted and needed but nobody was biting or even seemed remotely interested in what I was saying. That's all changed. This script works. After the fifth call, I was wondering why no one was saying, "No" to me. Then it hit me. There's no reason or place to say, 'No.' Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

  • George E. Williams I

George does telephonic consulting and speaks to trade groups and other professional organizations. He's no longer shooting himself in the foot with aggressive self-promotion. But more importantly, his 'cold calls' transform into luke-warm in less than 15 seconds.

The World's Greatest, 15-second Sales Script includes the voice mail version, and a free consultation for just $56.

Kick-start your goals and objectives, today.

Fran Briggs, BA, MHRS, is an award-winning writer and business woman who works with and educates clients worldwide. Her presentations include "The Script",, core components of marketing, PR, publicity and sponsorship acquisition training,

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