Vend POS Inventory Management Software: Why Retailers Need to Consider it

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  • Author Mark Wadsen
  • Published November 16, 2015
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Inventory management is one of the most critical aspects of any retail business. If there is too much inventory, the cost of storage escalates. If there is too little a stock, then they stand to lose customers. With the ever-increasing range of products, it is not humanly possible to keep a track of each and every SKU stocked in the store. Inventory management systems have made it possible to organize the inventories better, and save costs, while simultaneously retaining customers. With increase in demand, better and powerful systems have been created. Vend’s pos inventory management software happens to be one of the best tools that can help businesses to have an effective inventory control system.

Migration from a current pos inventory management software system may become a big hurdle for many businesses, given the volume of the products available. With Vend, all that is needed is a pre-prepared CSV file that can be imported directly to the new Vend inventory management POS solution. It is also quite easy to add or edit any new products, which can be done manually or using a barcode scanner. With Vend, there are many ways that the products can be categorized. Their inventory management software also allows users to make product bundles or split them, such that they appeal more to their consumers.

Then, there is also a centralized product catalog that comes with the system. This feature is especially useful for people with multiple stores or multiple modes of sales. Once the products list is centralized, it avoids any confusion arising out of inappropriate categorization, double entries, and so on. The inventory management POS also keeps a check on the wholesale aspect by keeping a record of the prices and quantities being traded. This also makes it easier to return the products to the supplier, in case of any damage. Without proper tracking, this is not possible.

Apart from product sourcing, pricing also makes a big part of inventory control. With the Vend inventory management POS, users can actually develop customized promotional strategies for products or different stores. It is possible to discount or put a higher markup automatically, depending on the store’s policy. It also becomes effortless to create custom prices for certain products, product groups, and even customers. Such targeted discounts will help stores to create loyal customers and use the stock more efficiently, resulting in profits.

Vend has many available add-ons that help expand the utility of an already feature-laden inventory management system. Many businesses do not feel a need for an inventory management software and follow traditional practices, but the fact is that they are not dealing with a traditional consumer anymore. A customer coming to an outlet can now check the prices and availability of products not only in other stores, but also on the internet. It is only prudent to switch to a system that not only helps businesses manage their stocks efficiently, but is also dynamic enough to keep up with the changing trends in the market. All of this is made possible only through an inventory management system as sophisticated as Vend, which is also equally easy to adapt to.

The Vend pos software system gives you total control over every part of your business – it is the only point of sale system you need. To learn more about the Vend inventory management software pos, you can learn more here.

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