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  • Author Mark Wadsen
  • Published December 8, 2015
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Meeting customer demand, reducing transaction times and increasing customer loyalty, are among the most significant goals of every retail business. All of this and much more is possible with a great point of sale system. It will assist you in providing your customers with a personalized, engaging and convenient shopping experience. Vend is a point of sale software that can help businesses manage their sales, inventory, customers and even the staff effectively and seamlessly.

Vend is a dynamic, sophisticated point of sale software system that is loaded with features. It has been designed keeping in mind the versatility and dynamic nature of the retail industry. Whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online shop, Vend can be used with equal ease and efficacy. With this point of sale system, users will be able to gain real time insights into revenues, sales, customer management, inventory status, staff productivity, and so on.

The Vend point of sale software is compatible with all kinds of electronic devices, whether it be Mac, PCs, laptops, or tablets. Users have the option to create the retail point of sale at a fixed location with a computer system. It can connect to any popular hardware. Then, there is also the option of using the Vend app on iPad or iPad Mini, which can make for a mobile retail point of sale. This will enable the sales staff to be more mobile and skyrocket the in-store efficiency. The pos software also allows business owners to define different levels of permissions for various staff members. This also provides a better and more effective way to track staff performance and encourage more productive members by promotions and incentives. With this technology, businesses can service the customers anywhere across the store, meet their demands and reduce time to transact.

Inventory management can become a headache and has the potential to bring down the entire business, if not managed properly. The Vend POS software can locate a product instantly in the entire supply chain and get real time information, even down to an SKU. It helps in keeping the shelves full while reducing losses due to damages or improper storage.

It helps businesses create the kind of brand experience that the customers expect, leading to a more personalized and better relationship with them. With the large number of payment options, be it credit cards, debit cards, cash, gift cards, email receipts, or anything in between, Vend allows customers a flexible mode of payment. It enables businesses to process transfers, email receipts, and to buy and return through the channel of preference and that too efficiently. Making a customer comfortable is the sure shot way to make them a loyal buyer.

Vend will also help businesses to collect customer information, demographic details, and purchase history, so that the staff can deliver them a better shopping experience. This also helps businesses to understand the consumer behavior so that customer-centric and more attractive marketing campaigns can be created.

The user-friendly interface and the comprehensive reports provide valuable feedback about how retailers are doing at the point of sale, customer loyalty, and so much more. With the Vend point of sale software system, business owners can have a clear view of sales on all channels as well as ground operations. They will also be able to provide the retail experience as expected by the evolved customer of today with consistent and engaging service. This will help businesses create a loyal customer base as well as reducing costs that will eventually lead to increase in profits and a successful business.

Vend gives you total control over every part of your retail business – it is the only point of sale system you need. To learn more about Vend’s point of sale solution, you can learn more here today.

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