Vend: The Only POS System Retail Stores Need to Use

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  • Author Mark Wadsen
  • Published November 19, 2015
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Vend is a simple, yet comprehensive point of sale system that helps retailers attract and keep customers. It works on iPad, Mac and PC – online and offline. You can use it to sell in-store and over the web, and with Vend’s Ecommerce tools, setting up an online store will only take minutes. Vend connects to all the latest retail pos hardware, including receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. You can also incorporate all of your business operations into one account, giving you total control over your retail business.

You can use Vend to fulfil orders, manage your inventory and analyze customer profiles. It makes every stage of the selling process fast and easy, which will keep customers returning to your store. The retail technology accepts any type of payment, including cash, checks, and gift cards. You can also accept credit and debit cards and mobile payments from leading global providers, such as PayPal and iZettle. Vend allows customers to pay deposits, make partial payments or pay on account – giving you total flexibility in how you choose to sell.

Because Vend is cloud-based pos software, it is fully mobile. You can use it on the shop floor, allowing customers to avoid the queues, or even go outside of the shop to find new customers and markets. This enables you to take a personal approach to customer service, creating an environment that is conducive to engaging with individual customers.

You can also use Vend to create your own customer loyalty program. Because Vend gives you full control and flexibility, you can choose how many loyalty points to award and what incentives to offer. You can create customer groups with exclusive promotions and discounts and use groups to manage employee privileges. Vend allows you to manage all of your customers on a central database, whether they purchase online or in-store.

Product management is quick and hassle-free with Vend. You can organize your catalogue however you choose: group products by color, size or type, group into bundles or split into units. It allows you to perform bulk operations like import and export, saving you time. Adding cost and retail prices, tags and discounts is easy and you can scan existing barcodes or print new ones to speed up the checkout process.

Since Vend is cloud-based, tracking your inventory is no problem. You and your staff can see what is in stock at any given time, even across a number of stores, allowing you to deliver supreme customer service.

Vend Reporting provides you with the analytical tools needed to manage your business. You can access accurate views of sales and product performance at any time, identify trends and pinpoint areas you need to improve. Your data is always safe, secure and available whenever you want. You can also use a variety of add-ons to help you expand and improve your business. Vend offers 24-hour customer support, meaning you can rely on it to provide you with everything you need to stay in control.

Vend gives you total control over every part of your business – it is the only point of sale system you need. To learn more about how this pos system can help scale your retail business, click here.

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