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  • Author David Coates
  • Published November 18, 2015
  • Word count 368

THE NEWEST TESTAMENT JESUS LIVES!!! is an autobiography of my life (King) David Coates that was inspired to be written by a prophetess in Atlanta, Georgia.

I attended a church service, and at the end of the prophetess's church service she prayed over me, and she advised me that the Holy Spirit advised her to inform me to write this book. The prophetess also informed me that I am a miracle walking-that this book must be written to share with people the miraculous life which I lived, and also how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ delivered me through all adversities.

This book consists of the truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God. This is a non-fiction novel, and it was written to prove to people that Jesus is alive. Also to prove that Jesus is a deliverer, and to show that I am living proof.

This book consists only facts, these true facts describe how Jesus delivered me from asthma, diabetes, pneumonia, alcoholism, drug addiction, cigarettes, getting shot at with guns on numerous occasions, getting shot in my face and my left shoulder from behind. It demonstrates how Jesus delivered me out of the hands of the judicial system on numerous occasions without my acquiring any felony convictions, and how Jesus constantly delivered me out of the hands of people who wanted me killed.

This autobiography may not be in perfect chronological order, but it's contents are 100 percent true. This book was not written for any self promotion. This book was only written to show that Jesus lives, also to educate everyone on how praising God does, in fact, work. You will observe the fact that that Jesus is alive, and is still performing miracles in our everyday lives through my testimony.

The prophetess acknowledged to me that the Holy Spirit wanted it done, and for me to write the book in scripture, and this is the only reason why I wrote this book. As aforementioned, God has given me a testimony and he wants everyone to hear it. So by the power of the Holy Spirit vested in me, I present to all people: THE NEWEST TESTAMENT JESUS LIVES!!! A brand new Bible!!!

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