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  • Author Eunice Chege
  • Published October 20, 2015
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Over the last few years, the traditional way of acquiring and reading books has been overtaken by ebooks. Book lovers can now easily acquire ebooks while at the comfort of their homes, this is a fact that eBooks are now more economical to buy than the traditional hard covered books.

Most readers want to know the benefits of reading digitally rather than using physical books. They are also interested in knowing the difference between reading an eBook and having to read from physical books that are at times old and lack anything attractive from their physical appearance.

Some of the main reasons for buying eBooks compared to traditional books include;

A Clickable Table of Content

A reader doesn’t have to sequentially move from page to page in order to read the material that one is highly interested in. This is boring, time wasting and not even the brightest kid in the room will want to do this. With a Clickable table of content, one is able to extract the specific material of interest with little or no fuss.

Cloud Syncing

In the event that a reader uses a tablet, laptop or any other e-reader most of the time one may read the same book on a number of devices. In this case, one can use cloud syncing to make the reading experience easy. You can bookmark pages as you read thus being able to pick up from the page that you were on.

Highlights and Annotations

It’s easy for a reader to make highlights or notes without having to interfere with the neatness of the ebook. If it’s a love quote that one intends to use as a pickup line, then one can easily highlight it. This helps one highlight major points that need some attention later on.

Dictionaries and Translations

At times, a reader may be unsure about some words or phrases that they come across when reading a book. With an ebooks, you do not have to move from your reading zone and move around looking for a dictionary. All this is taken care of since most ebook readers are usually pre-loaded with dictionaries that a reader can use. You can also select and search the word online.

Adjustable Fonts

For those readers who have vision challenges, then eBooks are for you. Most physical books may make it hard for readers who cannot read without glasses since there is no simple way to increase their font. However, eBooks easily allow a reader to adjust the font size to one’s personal preference.


Those who own physical books know the trouble that comes with always having to arrange them, protect them from damage and of course when they are too many, storage space becomes a big issue. However, with an eBook you can just save then in your electronic device like Personal Computer, Phone, any portable device or even on your email.

Access and Price

You do not have to visit a books store to acquire an ebook unlike physical books. All you need is to go online and buy one without having to move from your comfort zone. They are also cheaper than physical books since they are exempt of the fee that is involved in printing hard copies.

Books are good things to have, but with eBooks, they make an incredible version to own, you can use them anytime and at anyplace with lots of ease and without attracting anyone’s attention. They are friendly to readers who are mostly discouraged by the physical size of books that they ought to read.

Thank you for reading..enjoy your ebooks!

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