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  • Published January 13, 2016
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The one thing I love about the end of every year is looking forward to all the horror that we’ll be watching the following year. And 2016 will be exceptional. From "The Forest" ,"The Boy" (opening in January) to the follow up of the 2013 hit "The Conjuring" and even our favorite team of paranormal investigators "Ghostbusters", next year promises to be filled with screams, terror, and even some belly laughs.

And if you want to see the rundown of all the bloody goodness coming out next year, simply CLICK THIS LINK and you can get all the details. Trust me though, it will make you wish for the New Year already!

While there are several titles in that list you will instantly recognize, there are some that you may not have even heard of yet. They’re not even on that list. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of your time or money. If this year is any indication, the indie horror scene was vastly superior to the mainstream horror in my humble opinion.

This is why it’s important that you know the name JOE CIMINERA now before his name is on the lips of the rest of the horror community. The reason? Well, because he’s a CHEF. And a damned fine one at that. Not only does he have his own highly acclaimed cooking show, but Joe is also the author of two books on cooking that have, together, sold almost two million copies.

As if being on top of one passion wasn’t enough, Joe has also created three reality shows, has a popular foodie website, and does charity work to fight childhood obesity. Whew, talk about a full plate (pun intended). But what you may care about more than any of this is his love for the horror genre. Actor, writer, director….he’s done it all.

And in 2016 he will be terrifying us with his latest project HUMPTY DUMPTY.

HUMPTY DUMPTY is a modern take on the child’s nursery rhyme of the same name, but this is definitely not for kids! Below is the synopsis and it sounds like the kind of movie I can absolutely get behind. Enjoy.

"A dark story about a boy who is treated horribly in a small town in a place that is between here and the supernatural. Once you enter the town you never age and you can never leave.

While traveling a priest and a young foster boy are on the way to a orphanage. Their transportation breaks down and the have no choice but to spend a few days in a nearby town. They notice a number of increasingly strange things about the town. People are always happy and there isn’t one minute of sadness to be found. No one ever ages, gets sick or grows old. People who try to leave the town seem to meet with bizarre and deadly accidents, which the residents believe to be the work of God. When someone tries to leave the entire town is punished."

HUMPTY DUMPTY promises to be a unique take on what an adult, scary fairy tale can be and just from the trailer alone you get the sense that this may be the breakthrough indie hit of next year.

And the great news is that a crowd funding page has just come together to get HUMPTY DUMPTY funded! Which means YOU get to be a part of horror history by donating. With donations starting at just $2.00, literally ANYONE can be a part of making this movie happen. And the perks for donating are considerably awesome.

HUMPTY DUMPTY is not going to be your typical horror film because Joe Ciminera isn’t your typical writer/director! The passion he displays with cooking has already being shown in the HUMPTY DUMPTY trailer below, and I can only imagine the finished product will have the horror community talking for a long time to come.

Now all you have to do is go to the HUMPTY DUMPTY CROWD FUNDING PAGE, check out all the excellent goodies, and pick the one that is right for you! To find out more about Joe, visit the JOE CIMINERA WEBSITE.

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