1 Single Pound Of Body Fat is Equal to Three Thousand, Five Hundred Calories

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  • Published May 12, 2016
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There are three thousand, five hundred calories in one pound of body fat. Hence, if you lower or work off just three thousand, five hundred calories, you'll lose a complete pound of body fat. Even if it's feasible to cut down your calorie intake and endeavor to increase your workout routine for the purpose of losing weight quickly, it is primary to note that doctors recommend that you drop no more than two pounds of weight every week for the purpose of ensuring that your system safely adjusts to the weight loss.

Listed below are some guidelines to help you safely drop three thousand, five hundred fat laden calories out of your normal routine:

Listed below are some guidelines to help you safely drop three thousand, five hundred fat laden calories out of your normal routine:


Running for about 1 hour at a good speed will aid you in losing approximately three hundred fifty calories, based on your body type, speed, and the terrain. The result, in the event you run for one hour five days per week while retaining a daily food strategy, you're going to safely lose one pound.

It is essential to recognize that many individuals who run will eat pasta and other foods that contain excessive carbohydrates with the intention to compensate themselves for the exertion. They feel that in view of the fact that they labored so very hard, they deserve compensation. Finally, they justify the pasta meal by saying it will aid in preserving their energy levels or keep them high.

Dine In

When choosing to eat out, most of the time you are in a social quandary because the food is not a priority, but spending time with friends is. Consequently, people are more likely to consume a larger amount of food than they commonly would.

Non-dessert eaters often even spring for an extra round of calories. In the event, you have to dine out, help yourself avoid temptation by choosing a salad as a substitute as opposed to a plate of pasta or burger.

You will be amazed at the difference in the number of calories you take in when you are making the correct selections reminiscent of a meal alternative.

Lowering your overall calorie consumption and increasing your stage of bodily activity, you'll be equipped to lose the three thousand, five hundred calories without it being so much of a challenge. Make sure that you keep centered, inspired and focused. You will shed the unwanted weight very quickly.

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