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The civil partnership (Law 184(I)/2015) legitimises the union between two individuals, regardless of gender. In other words, the civil partnership permits same-sex and opposite-sex couples to legitimise their relationship. Therefore, the approval of civil partnership by the National Parliament marks a progress concerning LGBTQI rights and equality in Cyprus.

Following the approval of civil partnership legislation, the District Offices receive many requests from Cypriot and foreign couples coming to Cyprus for this purpose. It is remarkable that two Israeli women came to Cyprus for this particular reason. That is to say, they visited Cyprus in order to conclude a civil partnership.

Civil Partnership and Marriage:

According to section 4 of Law 184(I)/2015 the civil partnership embraces the same rights as marriage, unless otherwise specified in the law. Therefore, any legislation of the Republic of Cyprus related to "spouses" will be interpreted as "partners". However, the Adoption Law is exempt.


The two parties must:

• Be adults of sound mind;

• Be able to assess their decision;

• Give their free consent. In other words, they should not be forced or under pressure;

Note that the conclusion of a civil partnership between parents and adopted children is not allowed.

Procedures and Necessary Documents:

The two parties must present to the Registrar of the district where one of them resides or to the district of their choice, in case they are not permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus. It should be mentioned that it is needed to schedule an appointment in order to proceed with the conclusion of civil partnership.

Each of the parties must submit the following documents:

• A valid ID card or passport or another equivalent travel document;

• An affidavit stating that:

He or she is not married or has concluded any other civil partnership which is still in force;

He or she is not aware of any legal obstacle for concluding a civil partnership;

The required consent is granted or this kind of consent is not necessary;

• Duly certified original or copy of the certificate of celibacy or any other equivalent document issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin of each of the parties.

In Cyprus, the certificate of celibacy is issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department following the submission of the necessary documents. If one of the parties is a foreigner permanent resident of Cyprus, then he or she is obliged to submit a certificate of celibacy issued by the Civil Registry and Migration Department and a certificate of celibacy issued by the competent authority of his or her country of origin.

Moreover, each of the parties must submit the Civil Partnership Form, duly completed and signed by them.

Following the submission of the necessary documents, the Registrar asks the parties to affirm the conclusion of Civil Partnership. Afterwards, the Registrar reads to the parties the relevant documents and asks them to sign the Civil Partnership Document, which is also signed by two witnesses of sound mind who have turned 18 years old.

Once the necessary fee is paid, the Registrar issues the Civil Partnership Certificate in three duly signed copies. Afterwards, the Registrar files all the related documents together with the Civil Partnership Certificate to the Register.

The Registrar gives one duly signed copy to each partner and one duly signed copy to the Deputy Registrar.


•Fee for the conclusion of civil partnership: €90

•Fee for issuing a copy of civil partnership certificate: €15

•Fee for issuing a certificate of celibacy by the Civil Registry and Migration Department / per person: €34.17

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