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  • Published June 15, 2016
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Human beings are inquisitive by nature. They are always curious to know mysterious secrets about the world, its origin, their own existence and more. When it comes to understanding the universe or its existence, there are two schools of thought with conflicting views. The philosophers have their own theory which differs from that of scientists. Both the theories contradict each other.

Some philosophers are of the opinion that universe existed eternally. It has no beginning or end. The question still arises as to who built the universe. Is it developed from some form of a cosmic power? Did it come into existence on its own? If you believe that the foundation of the earth has its beginning, the obvious doubt that arises is what was there before this world came into existence. On the other hand, if it already existed, what is the evidence? Today, human beings are close to solving all these mysteries.

The human body is made up merely of muscles, bones and organs like heart, liver, kidney and more. The question arises - Do human beings have soul? If yes, where is it? Where is it located in body? Some believe that it does not exist at all. One aspect that most of the people fail to realize is that the existence of the earth has given the soul to be human beings. This is because life and experiences of human being are closely related to earth. When an individual faces difficulties in life, the emotions that a person expresses depicts his aura. It depicts his energy, spirituality, mind set and other important aspects of his spiritual knowledge and mental condition.

Many times people worry more about the body than the soul. This is due to ignorance of the fact that what lies within is much more important than what is visible outside. This ignorance sometimes gets mixed with the negative emotions. When such emotions creep in, many people start doubting their own existence which starts affecting their thought process. Most of the people do not realize that the body may cease to exist after death but the soul within lives eternally. It is the inner beauty that matters not the external one. Inner beauty is definitely invisible and is more precious than what the material world can see and perceive. Most of the times, individuals ignore the importance of soul and start chasing mirage for materialistic pleasures and belongings which are temporary.

All the human beings have, at some point of time, asked this question who we are. The answer to question can solve many unsolved mysteries. It is difficult to find answer to this question. When a person is able to find answer to this basic question, he or she gets to know the purpose of his or her existence.

One may even doubt his existence on earth or have difficulty in knowing the purpose behind his journey on the earth. Once a person gets to know the purpose of his life, he or she feels enlightened and inner peace. This also brings about emotional stability and moral values.

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