What if I Caused a Car Accident While Under the Influence of Alcohol?


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When you cause an accident in Arizona while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI), you are likely going to face felony DUI charges, particularly if someone was injured in that accident. Arizona felony DUI is also known as aggravated DUI and carries severe penalties and punishments that can negatively affect your ability to drive, work, support yourself or your family and pursue life goals you had envisioned in your future.

When you are facing a felony DUI, you need a qualified and experienced lawyer on your side. Courts in Arizona do not take DUI charges lightly and a case of aggravated DUI requires a particularly skilled, aggressive DUI defense attorney for your defense. When you are in an accident while driving drunk or high, your first call should be to a lawyer. If a police officer wants to conduct field sobriety tests or asks in-depth questions, it is very important that you politely ask to invoke your right to contact your lawyer.

--- Arizona Laws Regarding DUI Are Tougher Than Most in the U.S. ---

Arizona is known for its severe DUI laws. When you cause an accident, particularly one with injuries or property damage, you will likely become familiar with the severity of these laws and punishments for aggravated DUI.

When you cause an accident due to drunk driving, you are subject to a minimum of five years in prison, with a possibility of up to 18 years. You will likely have to pay over $5,500 in fines and will have your driver’s license revoked for a minimum of three years. You will have to go through mandatory drug and alcohol screenings over a period of time and counseling for your alcohol use. Five years of probation is a possibility, as are community service, driving record points, mandatory installation and use of an ignition interlock device at your own expense and you will have a criminal record with a felony.

Experiencing an accident while driving under the influence after you already had a DUI conviction on your record can be even more damaging. Your punishment will be more severe than a first-time offender. You will need the help of an established, experienced and aggressive lawyer for felony charges stemming from a DUI accident with injuries.

--- What to Do After Your DUI Accident ---

Whenever you are in this type of accident and are possibly guilty of DUI that led to injuries to another person, it is imperative that you do not speak with law enforcement officers or investigators without legal representation by an experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney. This is because, as your Miranda Rights clarify, your statements can be held against you in court and many things you may accidentally say or reveal can incriminate you. A lawyer can help ensure your rights are protected, you have the defense you need and you do not damage your potential case in court by saying things you should not.

Chances are you will be highly stressed out and even frightened as a result of your felony aggravated DUI charges. Everything about the case is humiliating and feels degrading, from the arrest in public to having your mug shots taken. But this is not something you can wish away or make disappear. You have to handle these charges head-on and with great seriousness. You need to ensure your constitutional rights are protected throughout your case and that your defense is strong and thorough enough to provide the best possible potential for retaining your freedom and future.

Having an attorney on your side is your best option for avoiding the worst penalties. A good attorney will possibly use an independent investigator to help prove that you were not actually at fault in the accident with injuries, even if you were driving under the influence. Other factors may be utilized to provide you with an edge in court.

You have a long road ahead of you and will likely lose some sleep due to worry and concern about your case. But when an experienced criminal attorney is on your side, you can rest more easily in knowing that you have the best possible chance of getting through this chapter of your life and retaining everything you can toward the future. Ensure you invoke your rights under the Constitution and call your attorney immediately following your accident or arrest.

--- Finding the Right Arizona Accident DUI Lawyer ---

When so much is at stake, using just any lawyer will not suffice, particularly if you have been convicted of DUI in the past. An accident with injuries is a serious matter, particularly when you are accused of being responsible due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Law Offices of David Michael Cantor know how serious this matter is and have the experience to discover and argue your best defense. When you need solid representation for your aggravated DUI case, call the Phoenix Law Offices of David Michael Cantor at 602.307.0808.

Each DUI defense attorney at the Law Offices of David Michael Cantor has extensive knowledge of how to defend against charges of DUI.

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