October is National Spinal Health and Chiropractic Health Month

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  • Author Samantha Strazanac
  • Published October 28, 2016
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A healthy spine is more than just about good posture; it’s the basis of emotional and physical health. October is National Spinal Health Month and well as National Chiropractic Health Month! What better time to go see your local chiropractor.

Chiropractic services are an important first line of defense in ensuring the health of your spine and ultimately your lifestyle. Seeing a chiropractor can lessen and even in some cases eliminate the need for prescriptions and over-the-counter painkillers and medications.

Everyone experiences back or neck pain at least a few times in their life and often the resort to the pain is popping a pill. While this main help temporarily, this does not resolve the issue or prevent it from returning. When you see a chiropractor about neck and back pain they are able to not only find the problem but also alleviate it with non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical tactics. Whether you pain comes from a strain or event, daily activity, age, obesity or other factors, a chiropractor can help.

Chiropractors use hand on spinal manipulation, tools and other alternative treatments to ensure the proper alignment of the spine and musculoskeletal structure. When you spine and skeleton are aligned, you can heal without medication or surgery. In addition to focusing on your spine, your chiropractor will often make adjustments to the knees, wrist, ankle, shoulder and other joints to improve their function.

Adjustments are done by using controlled force, direction and leverage to therapeutically manipulate specific joints. When you structure is aligned, you can function as you should and daily living will be a lot more comfortable. Adjustments can be paired with additional treatments such as application of ice, heat orthotic supports, exercising and even electrical stimulation such as TENs units. Weight loss, nutritional supplements and diet changes might also be considered for certain cases.

During the month of October, take advantage of National Spinal Health Month and National Chiropractic Health Month, see a chiropractor and consider an adjustment. You’ll see they’ll adjust a lot more than just your spine; they’ll adjust your life for the better.

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