Why Social Acceptance Plays An Emotional Role To Your Weight Loss Success

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  • Published January 27, 2017
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"Our society's strong emphasis on dieting and self-image can sometimes lead to eating disorders. We know that more than 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, most of them young women."

Tipper Gore

(She is an author, photographer, was Second Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, and the wife of Al Gore, from whom she is currently separated.).

BELIEVE ME OBSTACLES AND PROBLEMS that prevent us to have a slim and healthy bodies are a part of life. True happiness comes not when we get rid of all of our problems, but when we change our relationship to them. Plus, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening, opportunities to practice patience, and to learn. Perhaps the most basic principle of spiritual life is that our problems are the best places to practice keeping our hearts and minds open.

Certainly some weight loss problems need to be solved. Many others, however, are problems we create for ourselves by struggling to our life different than it actually is. Inner peace is accomplished by understanding and accepting the inevitable contradictions of life—the pain and pleasure, success and failure, joy, sorrow, birth and deaths. Problems especially obesity ones can teach us to be gracious, humble and patient. All is not lost yet, this article may be your final turning point of success physically and mentally.

Before you proceed any further may I ask you to pause here for a moment of two? It’s important to glance at the preview to get a feel of this entire article. Will you please? Thanks!

Below is a prelude on why the need for social acceptance plays an emotional role to dieting. First and foremost don’t be surprise it is the over-eater’s by and large need for emotional satisfaction. You might to be aware of the individual wants to belong to a group. Also you may be amazed dieter’s needs to avoid rejections. Plus there is the incidence of poor mental health and related mental health problems. Lastly you may be stunned by the weight watcher’s social anxiety. Does these few sentences sufficiently warm you up to read more?

A big ‘YES’ if you ask me!

Next, trust me there is no better place to start but at the very beginning. Alright?

Write this one on the inside of your blouse’s cuff because it’s critical in determining the outcome of the need for social acceptance. Truthfully social satisfactions demand that you are as a part and parcel of a couple, family, organization, peer group, or social circle. Hence so you eat to be sociable and to fit in the part of the society, regardless they are heavy over eater themselves.

Underscoring that point of emotional satisfaction well, we now proceed to the need for belonging. Here’s goes!

Let me set the records straight. From time immoral there is always there is a need for human being to have some form of companionship. And was probably helpful to our ancestors. We have weak claws, little fur, and long childhoods; living in a group helped early humans survive harsh environments. Because of that, an obese person being part of a group still helps people feel safe and protected, even when walls and clothing have made it easier for one man to be an island entire of himself.

As a passing thought it would great if we make a brief description on the next reason which is the . . .

If truth is to be told, there is always there is feeling of being unwanted due to one reason or other. One case in particular could be when someone is being rejected for their fat looks. True to form "fat people who feel isolated and lonely and excluded tend to have poor physical health also," Dietitian Dewfall says. They don’t sleep well, their immune systems sputter, and they even tend to die sooner than people who are surrounded by others who care about them.

And here's the next point where it gets even more interesting! Read on and you agree with me!

Make no mistake , an obese person being excluded is also associated with poor mental health. Furthermore exclusion and mental health problems can join together to heighten the destructive loop. Logically, such people with depression may face exclusion more often because of the symptoms of their disorder—and being rejected makes them more depressed. That’s to say the least, I must admit truly. Agree or not?

Oh, one last thing I almost forgot! It is the all important reason called ‘social anxiety’. Do spent some quality time to read!

Succinctly put, fat individuals with social anxiety navigate their world constantly worried about being socially rejected. "A feeling of exclusion can also contribute to suicide. Being a social out-caste isn’t just a problem for the heavy person who suffers it, either; it can disrupt society at large, "Health Expert Dr Ewall says. "And stout individual who have been excluded often lash out against others." In experiments, they give people much more hot sauce than they can stand, blast strangers with intense noise, and give destructive evaluations of prospective job candidates. Rejection can even contribute to violence. An analysis of 15 school shooters found that all but two had been socially rejected.

Below is a condensation of what has been said and done so far. Believe me it’s a timely reminder of the salient point! Serious!

To cut a long article short, the let me recap the reasons why an obese person need for social acceptance plays an emotional role to dieting. Alright? The following are the essential points. If you still remember first of all is that the fat individual by and large requires emotional self-satisfaction. You may reconsider that such person also need for belonging to an ideal group. Additionally you may recollect the other reason would be to avoid rejection. Furthermore poor physical health and exclusion may heighten mental health problems. Last but not the least is social anxiety of the person concerned. Easy to remember? A big ‘Yes’ if you ask me!

Having said and done, it’s time to conclude this write-up with the following remarks. But are you ready to proceed and accept the finale? I do hope so!

With some wise words allow me to wind up this magazine’s article on why the need for social acceptance plays an emotional role to dieting. It goes without saying that we have the tools to change ourselves and our culture, but we have a big job ahead of us. Teachers, businesspeople, doctors, entertainers, writers, parents, and mental health professionals can contribute to changing attitudes about women and their bodies. We can work together to create a society that has a place for every human gift. Just as bright and poor youth of whatever ethnic back ground should be able to partake of all that society offers, so too should heavy women be able to be whoever they want. No woman should be left out of public life because of her dress size. No girl should feel inferior because of her body. Let's work together to make eating disorders as antiquated as foot binding or exotic French hairstyles. Let's work to welcome all women into the sun. Does that now loud and clear bell to this chapter. A big ‘YES’ if you ask me!

End of article

CTM Joseph SF Ng is an author, trainer, speaker and consultant. For at least 6 years, he was deeply in involved in the Research and Development in the area weight loss and health issues. He, himself has proven that his advices and recommendation worked very well. From a body weight of 180 lbs he has reduced his weight to 140 lbs. A weight loss of 40 lbs. Period.

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