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  • Published January 29, 2017
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What is a VoIP phone system?

VoIP phone systems VoIP refers to voice over internet protocol, this is a type of telephony that allows the peer to make calls over the broadband service, rather than the conventional means of analog or ISDN lines. VoIP phone systems work by, converting sound into digital voice, the communication is then transferred through the broadband solution. If you are considering VoIP, keep in mind that the broadband solution in place needs to be reliable, stable & resilient. VoIP phone systems are becoming the go to solution due to the ISDN & analog switch off taking place on 2025. incorporating a VoIP phone system has the following benefits:

✓ Saving Money

Incorporating a VoIP telephone system can have cost benefits, VoIP telephone systems are much cheaper than the conventional phone system. With a VoIP phone system, making overseas calls are cheaper & can have better voice quality where VoIP telephone systems are concerned.

✓ Portability

VoIP telephone systems are very portable & flexible, in many case VoIP phones can be plug & play solutions. The main benefit of VoIP telephone systems is down to the fact that you can take your handset & it can be used anywhere in the world, so long as your have internet access, you will always have access to your VoIP telephone system functions. VoIP telephone systems can even be accessible by email while you are traveling. Simply take your headset connected to the VoIP telephone system and make & receive calls just like you are sitting in your office, or call staff on their internal extension.

✓ Capital Saving

When it comes to internal calls (peer to peer) they can be very costly, however what can be more detrimental to a business is ineffective communication systems. With VoIP systems, they negate the need for paying for internal calls. This mean whether your are in the same building or a different office, you are able to call your peer at no cost (Great For Small Businesses).

✓ Flexibility

With a VoIP telephone system, you are able to use your conventional telephone handset, this is by use of a VoIP converter/ adapter. The VoIP converter slots into your USB port into the PC. The VoIP converter allows your normal telephone to function over the VoIP telephone system. With a VoIP telephone system, it allows your business to acquire your very own VoIP telephone number.

✓ Easy To Upgrade

There is no need to pay anyone to upgrade your telephone system. You are able to incorporate the same system hosted in the cloud to receive upgrades. Your business does not need to worry about upgrading telephony systems, (Great For Small Businesses).

✓ Business Continuity

With VoIP based communications they allow businesses to incorporate continuity options. In the case of a disastrous events such as fires or floods, your call data and information is stored safely, not to mention to the the fact that your phones are hosted outside the premises, means you would still have functioning telephony. Calls incoming to the business can be transferred to an alternative number, for example you might have business mobiles, again providing you with complete business continuity option in the event that problem occurs, (Great For Small Businesses).

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