DUI Offenders: Why an Attorney is Essential for Your Case


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  • Published April 15, 2017
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In the United States alone there are nearly 1.5 million arrests made every year for individuals who are arrested for driving under the influence, many of which cause accidents. These incidents can stay on an individual’s driving record for years and carries several penalties. One of the most important decisions to make after receiving a DUI ticket is contacting an attorney that specializes in DUIs. Hiring a DUI attorney in Colorado will be familiar with the court system, have an extensive knowledge of plea bargain details and the ability to get through administrative procedures.

For First-Time Offenders

If an individual has only had one DUI, an attorney may recommend pleading guilty. An attorney may advise it to be a wise choice, if there the conviction was of certainty. For example, if the blood alcohol level exceeded .08 and the arresting officer testifies that the individual was driving erratically, a guilty plea may be a wise choice. It’s important for any defendant to learn about the DUI/DWI laws, penalties and fines in his or her particular state to make an informed and researched decision.

However, if the blood alcohol level was between .05 and .08, there may be question as to whether or not the reading was accurate at the time of the arrest. This where an attorney may be able to make a better plea bargain for an individual’s case. It’s also important to remember that in most first non-injury offense DUIs, judges will hand down a routine sentence that rarely varies.

For Repeat Offenders

If an individual has received multiple DUIs, it is almost always recommended he or she hire an experienced DUI attorney. An attorney will work directly with his or her client to ensure they are represented in court and handle the logistics. Most attorneys will work with the client on costs and may offer credit payment plans or discounts. It’s important to understand that for repeat offenders, that an attorney is necessary because the DUI charge may be more difficult to get the plea bargain that is wanted.

Being uncertain about hiring an attorney for a DUI case is common, which is why any uncertainty should be discussed with an attorney. Many times a DUI attorney will offer advice or consultation at no cost. Another tip would be to speak with family and friends who may have been in similar situations, their advice may become valuable in the future.

If you are in need of a DUI attorney in Denver let the experts at DUI Defense Matters help. Their experienced former prosecutors have misdemeanor and felony DUIs throughout the Denver area.

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