Stunning health benefits of coloring pages for kids

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  • Published May 13, 2017
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Did you know that art is considered therapeutic? Art is often used as a medium for children to express specific problems or experiences. Coloring books are not necessarily considered art therapy but are certainly therapeutic. Psychologists have concluded that art has a healing power and therapeutic qualities. For children it is always easier, especially for the younger ones, to express in non – verbally so that is why using some form of art is a great way for child’s self expression. Coloring pages for kids come in handy for this purpose.

Some kids are more artistic than others, however, almost every child like to draw and color. Coloring presents a creative venture without the need for artistic flair. A child should simply choose a favorite coloring book or a coloring page and the fun starts.

There are some really amazing mental health benefits of using coloring books for kids on daily basis. Coloring pages are one of the best learning resources for kids since coloring activity is appealing to them and very enjoyable. Things that kids can learn from coloring pages can have lifelong benefits on mental and emotional health.

Child development consists of developmental stages or milestones. One of the most important developmental tasks is to form a healthy personality which basically means to be emotionally stable and ready to face the challenges in life. While child is engaging coloring activity he or she is focused and relaxed. This gives a child an opportunity to calm the mind, put aside all the burdening thoughts and make some room for pleasant feelings. If a child uses coloring pages frequently, this coloring activity can become a self – soothing technique which is very important for challenging situations in life. Among other ways to get comfort, coloring books are creative and fun way for self comforting.

Another interesting fact about using coloring books for kids, that many people don’t think about, is strengthening the ability to focus and gaining cognitive and emotional stability among children. Staying in the line, paying attention to details and mixing colors will improve child’s ability to focus and to stay in the moment. So coloring books can teach children a valuable lesson of being in the moment, something that is essential in contemporary life style.

Taking up on coloring a certain coloring page can be considered a small project for a child. This means that completing coloring pages can build up child’s self esteem and confidence in time or at least improve it. Once a child is aware that his or hers little piece of art is finished, the feeling of satisfaction and pride will be evident.

Among many advantages of using coloring books mentioned before, coloring inside coloring pages can reduce stress and anxiety. Coloring is a simple but useful manner for processing feelings, emotions and frustrations.

There are plenty of studies that prove the effectiveness of art and coloring on mental health. Coloring pages seem like a simple coloring activity but once you take into account all the effects it can have on psychological well being of a child, they seem like a necessary educational tool or a valuable free time activity. They are also quite fun and easily accessible so there is no reason why shouldn’t children use them regularly.

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