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  • Published May 25, 2017
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DrQuantz has recently release a new apps called Dashboard Cola that enable users to visualize their data interactively with simple drag and drop operation. Sometimes it's quite difficult to shows the data without a great visualizer tools that can help the reader understand the data. So the new firms setup by the Stanford University graduates help the user to able to grasp and comprehend the data through dashobard visualization.

The application is geared toward the personal and small business clients that host their own in house data server. The are plenty of database server that is supported by the system, including MS SQL Server, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Teradata, Firebird, IBM DB2, MySQL, PSQL, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase and you name it a fiew including OLAP as well as simple table formated file such as CSV or Excel.

An interesting data set is only useful if the information can be presented in an accessible form, but this is not something inexperienced users can normally do without the help of specialized software.

Dashboard Cola is a feature-packed application that enables you to create interactive dashboards for data visualization. It is quite easy to use, sporting an intuitive UI, and it even supports multi-user collaboration. Work with data obtained from a broad range of sources

After creating a new project, you can select one or more data sources to be used in your dashboard. If several are added, you can easily switch between them at any time. The application can connect to an existing database, and it enables you to select the data you wish to use with the help of the built-in Query Builder. Among the supported database types, we can mention SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLLite. Additionally, it is possible to connect to an OLAP cube in an MS Analysis Services database, as well as extract data directly from an Excel workbook.

Design high-quality interactive dashboards. Dashboard Cola puts a fairly extensive collection of tools at your disposal, enabling you to enhance your project with charts, pies, gauges, cards, maps, images and more. You can add objects with simple drag and drop actions, something novices will certainly appreciate.

Another interesting feature offered by the application is its support for collaboration on team projects, as it allows multiple users to work on the same dashboard at the same time, while seeing changes in real-time. Lacks documentation, but sports an intuitive UI Unfortunately, Dashboard Cola does not include any documentation, something inexperienced users will not be happy with. While the GUI is well-designed and easy to understand, the lack of a user manual makes the software less accessible to non-experts.

As it's an interactive dashboard applications, it enable the user to easily select from a complete set of charts available from simple Data Grid, Pivot Table, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Point Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Range Chart, to a more complex charting packages such as Bubble Chart, Candle Chart, Stock Chart, Scatter Chart. It's also has the Circular and Linear Gauges display as well as very advanced graphical charting widgets like Tree Map, Choropleth Map, Bubble Map, Pie Map, Geo Point Map, Range Filter, Combo Box, List Box, Tree List, and Image that allow user to present their data into an appealing display that are easily to be drill down, sort out, filtered and viewed in a certain way that viewer able to manipulate the data and get the information they need.

And most of all it is quite helpful for your organization that has multiple users editing on the same files together. The team member could then collaborate the shared file in real-time basis, such that the changes made by one person will automatically reflected on the other person.

The writer is a software development graduate from Stanford University with more than 10 years working experience. Designed and developed various kind of software for various industry in the past from engineering manufacturing to financial industry.

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