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Computer files are created, stored and transferred from in different formats. There are specific advantages attached to each file format in terms of data file size, ease of access and simple data manipulation. Still, conversion is often necessary because no file format is perfect for all your applications. One of the most beneficial file formats is PDF. This option minimizes used storage space, promotes high security level and is popular.

On the other hand, you will need to convert the PDF files into other formats if you want to manipulate the data freely. The All PDF Converter is a useful type of software designed to help you change your PDF files to other suitable formats, depending on your specific needs. This product is suitable for both individuals and businesses involved in handling PDF files. Here is a short description the main features of the Converter to help you understand the software.

Multiple Format Conversion

The All PDF Converter is designed to change PDF data into numerous formats. Therefore, once you have acquired this product, you will not need complementary software for the same application. The program will change your files to Word and Excel formats for easy editing in your computer. You can also publish the files into epub for convenient viewing in e—readers. In addition, you can change your files to html, txt and even xml for your special web applications.

Windows Compatibility

The Converter is compatible with most modern Windows operating systems. Therefore, you will not need to perform upgrades or make significant system changes in order to use this product. The converter can be used in Windows 10, 8 and 7 as well as Vista and XP. You should also note that for the proper performance of the conversion software, your computer should have at least 10MB hard disk space and 512MB RAM.

Multiple Language Support

The All PDF Converter supports multiple languages for the convenience of the users. This is a valuable feature if you or your business associates prefer to use different languages for your software applications. The product currently supports five popular languages in the business world, including English, Russian, German, French and Chinese.


User-friendliness is an important feature for any computer software because it minimizes the stress experienced after installation. Moreover, this aspect allows users to gain maximum benefits from their new asset. The Converter is ideal because it allows multiple files to be converted at once. You can also specify the desired page range for the conversion process. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Also, after initial purchase, you will get free updates and extensive technical support where required for the best results.


The All PDF Converter is a valuable product for companies and individuals. The software has numerous beneficial features and benefits which promote great results. If you are uncertain about acquiring this software, you can choose the free trial before making your final decision.

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