Documentaries "11/9" and "Voice of Syria" are Docs to Watch this Year.

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  • Author Tracie Hovey
  • Published June 15, 2017
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Filmmakers Carla Ortiz and Shari O’Donnell are on track for their documentary, ‘Voice of Syria’, to be an Oscar submission which is set to go head to head with filmmaker Michael Moore’s 11/9. Ortiz and O’Donnell have been dubbed the ‘Daring Duo’ after the documentary was shot on the ground in Syria during the height of conflict. The documentary is set to expose propaganda and debunk lies that are told through fake news, while educating audiences about the real political back drop. While brave news crews and filmmakers generally accessed rebel areas in Syria, Ortiz was one of the only filmmakers who was given access to both rebel and government areas the last 12 months. Ortiz says she is only giving voice to the 18 million Syrian’s inside the country. As a result of the six year war over a half a million Syrians have died and six million have had to flee their homes, making it one of the largest refugee crisis in history.

Distributors at Cannes Film Festival have been commenting on how powerful "Voice of Syria" is to watch and it will be an awards contender. According to Variety the Weinstein Company has secured the worldwide rights and is seeking its distributors at Cannes Film Festival for "11/9" – the title referring to the day Trump was declared President of the United States on Nov. 9. "No matter what you throw at him, it hasn’t worked," says Moore. "No matter what is revealed, he remains standing. Facts, reality, brains cannot defeat him. Even when he commits a self-inflicted wound, he gets up the next morning and keeps going and tweeting. That all ends with this movie." The Weinstein brothers previously released Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11" in 2004 which achieved more that $200 million in worldwide grosses.

Ortiz conducted interviews with CNN and Fox News during intervals of filming but like Mr. Moore, gave nothing away about the lies and propaganda her documentary is set to uncover. She goes onto say ‘Syrians express some interesting revelations on ‘The White Helmets’ which is set to raise eyebrows given that an Oscar was given on the subject this year.

Hollywood Producers told Ortiz, her documentary was impossible to make before she shot the film. She has since returned to Los Angeles where she is working with Producer Shari O’Donnell. O’Donnell is a filmmaker from Ireland who is known as seasoned studio executive and filmmaker in the independent film world.

O’Donnell says that ‘ Voice of Syria’ is one of the most intense and daring films in her career due to the dangers and extreme survival situations Ortiz was exposed to. It is very frightening to learn that Syrians are trying to tell us something, but their voices are not being heard".

Voice of Syria is currently in post-production while 11/9 is filming "under a strict cloak of secrecy".

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