Difference between single-stage emulsion pump and three-stage emulsion pump

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  • Published June 26, 2017
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Emulsion pump is used for emulsifying materials, now on the market there are single, two, three and multi-stage emulsion pumps. Many customers in the selection of emulsion pump confused by these names and don’t know how to choose. In fact, these levels are defined by the number of sets of stator and rotor in the pump chamber, and the emulsification effect of different grades of emulsion pump is different.

The pump chamber of single-stage and three-stage emulsion pump are composed of 3 - 5 layers of stator & rotor, single stage pump chamber only one set of two-layer stator & rotor, and three-stage emulsion pump chamber is composed of three sets of rotor and stator which is 12 layers, the emulsification effect is better than single-stage emulsion pump.

From the structure, the single-stage emulsion pump chamber has one set of work head, three-stage equipment chamber is three sets of work head, multi-stage is multi-set of work head. In addition, the same power, single-stage work head diameter is larger, and the line speed is higher, such as 7.5KW, the general standard of three-stage emulsion pump is 100mm diameter size of the work head, single-stage work head diameter is generally 165mm, and the single-stage line speed is about 8M/S faster than the three-stage.

From the emulsification effect, single-stage emulsifier pump is not as good as three-stage emulsifier pump. Single-stage emulsification pump in the processing of materials, the material through the rotor & stator was emulsified, and then output from the outlet. Three-stage emulsion pump in the processing of materials, the material through three sets of rotor & stator, the material was refined again and again, material stability significantly improved. Although the emulsification effect of single-stage emulsion pump is not as great as three-stage emulsion pump, but if permitted, can connected to the circulation pipe for the material cycle emulsifying, also can achieve the emulsification effect of the three-stage emulsion pump.

Single-stage emulsion pump features: safe and sanitary, simple operation, suitable for batch production of materials, can be short-distance transport of materials, the price cheaper than the three-stage emulsion pump.

Three-stage emulsion pump features: safe and sanitary, good sealing, high production efficiency, good emulsification, simple operation, short distance transportation, can be used for batch and continuous production. Customers in the purchase of emulsion pump, can refer to the features of single-stage, three-stage emulsion pumps.

Here to remind our customers, if the tank is circular work, do not consider the time, you can choose a single-stage emulsion pump; the soft materials can also be used in single-stage, such as soy milk. Of course, three-stage or multi-stage for the hard materials need to be grinding and dispersing, the emulsification effect is more obvious. The specific work head can be thick gear, fine gear, middle gear, occlusive, mesh, oblique teeth and others, according to the nature of the material to choose, different materials choose different work head, it is recommended to communicate with the manufacturer’s technical support, the more appropriate the better.

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