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  • Published July 24, 2017
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Looking for a free way to protect PDF files from copying? There is no need to pay for the third-party software to make it. You can try PDF Password Locker & Remover, the free program came from

Why we need protect PDF files

PDF is one of the most popular document formats for its mobility and portability. It could be viewed and distributed by anyone without its layout or content lost. So, if the content of these PDF files is confidential and sensitive, people should find some way to protect them from authorized access.

For example, we don’t want anyone can open our PDF files unless we give them the key. Sometime, we hope other people can only view and read the content wrote in the PDF, rather than copying, printing, or modification on our PDF files. Therefore, we need a program with powerful functionality and fully stacked feature set to help us.

Why we can try PDF Password Locker & Remover

There already have some software which could add passwords or restriction on PDF files. However, most of them are charged. And not all of them could provide higher level of protection. PDF Password Locker & Remover is a solid app that gives you the features that helps you to lock your PDF files with its 128-bit technology. You can protect PDF files with user password, owner password or both.

What’s more, PDF Password Locker & Remover gives you the freedom to configure specific permissions so that you can manage your PDF files. Eight permissions include content copying, printing, comments, HD printing, text extraction, screen reader, content modification and forms filling.

It is impossible for us to stop other users to crack our PDF files brutally with some restriction removing programs. However, the anti-copy option can provide you with a higher level protection, which will turn your PDF files into a new format with content impossible being copied. Even the crackers have got full access to your PDF files, copying and converting the content on the pages will not work.

Another major feature of this program is password remover. You can switch the interface just using the drop-down button with only one click. With its simpler and straightforward interface, you can complete PDF password removing process with tree steps by adding PDF, inputting passwords and clicking "Start" button.


If you are looking for a program to handle your PDF protection for free, PDF Password Locker & Remover is the one you should definitely give a try.

This article shows the free way how to protect PDF files with its password locking technology and anti-copy technology for free. Meanwhile, readers could also learn how to remove password of protect PDF files from it.

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