How Can Smaller Medical Practitioners Handle Their Billing?

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  • Author Chelsey Bullock
  • Published July 18, 2017
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Being a midwife is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers out there. Midwives have the option of joining a birth center or the privilege of opening their own business from home. If you have decided that the best choice for you as a midwife is to run your own business from home, then you will need to consider the supplies you will need, your business plan and budget, website, and whatever else to make your midwife business successful. Once, all that is put into place you will be ready to open. Maybe? One of the most important things a business owner struggles with is how their services will be charged to their clients. How will you get paid? How does their insurance work in paying you? These are all questions and issues that can leave a business high and dry. Luckily, there are billing services out there that can handle all your billing needs. Here is what they can do for you:

Revenue-Cycle Oversight: This is a perfect service for business owners that want to keep their billing in-house. The Revenue-Cycle Oversight will oversee any billing issues that you may be having while providing continuous support and training of your staff.

Consulting: Can help your trained staff on how to do insurance billing and collections, patient billing, benefit verification, appeals, and more. And as a provider, consulting can help show you how to do proper coding and charting. All of which will drastically improve your billing flow.

Compliance: Compliance officers will help sustain an accurate and updated form of your policies and procedures, financial documents, etc.

Credentialing & Contract Negotiations: It can be a very daunting task in figuring out a patient’s billing that is in compliance with organizations like Medicaid and Medicare. For those patient’s, a billing company can help tackle and negotiate those applications.

A LA Carte: This is a service that offers you to choose only one service listed above or if you are having another problem that is not listed above. You can customize what your business needs and only pay for that service.

Full- Service Billing: Full-service billing, can help your company with everything listed above and so much more like managing how your practice is set-up with each insurance company, submitting professional and facility claims, handling authorizations, persistently following-up on outstanding claims, aggressively appealing denied claims, and managing patient billing.

Now, that you have learned about the medical services, it is best to find a company that can do all of the services listed above. They will be able to provide your business with billing security, and you a peace of mind.

If you are looking for private practice medical billing services Larsen Billing Services may be the solution you need. They have been providing medical billing services for private therapists and other medical professional for over 15 years.

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